The wizard is a combo spell caster which can do bursts of damage in combos it makes. Wizard can teleport, summon a ball that stuns enemies and shoots out 6 smaller balls as its main attack


Legendary Wizard that one part of history of Galaxy and he will fight for it



Attack - [Shooting Stars]: Cast out 3 projectiles at 3 direction, deal damage cast 2 time

Ability 1 - [Space Shift]: Cast a projectile forward, if you reactivate this ability, teleport to it's location

Ability 2 - [Star Blast]: after delay, blast out a huge star forward, if you activate this ability again, the star explode and apply Stun effect in radius

Critical - [Star Fall]: Spot a location, then deals AoE damage after 1s, this ability stack 3 times, gain 1 stack every 8s


  • using [Space Shift] that give you ability to teleport to it's location with [Star Blast] that Stun when you Activate twice give you can combo by use them in same time if enemies got stun that give you ability to use any skill to kill enemies