"Wind Cancer"


Winddancer, also known as Wind Dancer or Wind Cancer, is famous for its ability to efficiently stun and attack with ease, hence the name Wind Cancer. This class is obtained by playing as Sorcerer under a windmill on Wind Land. It is very effective at hit-and-run tactics, and the term Wind Cancer has even been accepted by EpicCritical.


Like most other classes, Winddancer has a tank top which has two neon striped on both sides of the player's chest. On the player's back, there is a small day pack with two diagonal stripes. Winddancer's fans have seven prongs each, and in between each prong there is webbing.


Winddancer is extremely agile, and while lacking in damage, it has a lot of attack speed and it can stun enemies. Winddancer can jump into a fight and finish it in less than a minute, no matter who wins.


Winddancer deals extremely low damage by itself, and it needs to "accumulate" potential damage to actually be effective (see moves). It also is often targeted because of its effectiveness at hit-and-run tactics.


Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
Attack Unnamed The player slashes with their fans. If the player continually does this, his or her attack speed will increase a small bit after every strike. None 135 points 5 studs None
Ability 1 Wind Force The player dashes forward. A white circle appears around the player, indicating the range of the attack that will follow. After 0.5 seconds, the player then jumps and swings his or her fans and creates a tornado, causing everyone nearby to get launched into the air. None 175 points 30 stud dash; 15 stud radius 5 seconds
Ability 2 Heavy Storm The player swings his or her fans and creates a small whirlwind that moves straight ahead. The whirlwind stuns the first player it hits. Stun (Enemy) 150 points 150 studs 5 seconds
Critical Cyclone Dance This is similar to Heavy Storm. The player, after a 0.5 second delay, swings his or her fans and creates a spread of slow-moving tornadoes. There are five tornadoes in total. Each tornado does a small amount of damage, but they can stack up to deal a lot of damage. Stun (Enemy) 125 each tornado

(625 in total)

80 studs N/A



  • wind dancer has had 7 different reworks through it's entire life time

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