Warrior is one of Brawler Classes. It is an all-around class that has high health, high damage ,and abilities that make it move faster. It is able to kill many enemies in a single combo making it a deadly opponent to face.




- with the Ability to dash and to deal damage. Warrior can kill its enemies with 1 combo.


-if the Warrior has low health. Killing someone while in that state is a bad idea ,since warrior has no abilities that grant a fast escape?


Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
[LMB] Warrior Slash Slash and deals damage


12 Close Range 0.5sec
[Q] Blade Rush Dash then slash at the end of your dash deals damage and increase defense for few seconds Self

defense+10 (2.5sec)

20 Close Range 3sec
[E] Sword Beam Your next 3 Warrior Slash will Slash out a projectile that deals damage Self

Added Projectitle on [LMB] (3 times)

8 20 studs 4sec
[F] Ethereal Slash Dash forward and Slash in a circle, deals damage, a successful hit on Warrior Slash will reduce this ability's cool down by 1s --- 12 10 studs 5sec

(Every time successful hit on Warrior Slash reduce 1sec)



  • Blade Rush[Q] if you use it and hit multiple enemies you will gain 2 stack of Defense+10(?!)
  • You can use Blade Rush[Q] to quickly get to your opponent and gaining defense in the process
  • You can combine Blade Rush[Q] and Ethereal Slash[F] to deal 32 damage to the opponent and gaing +10 Defense or to flee from battle.


  • 4.0.6 Blade Rush increase Damage to 20
    • Ethereal Slash increase Damage to 12