The warrior is one of the four basic classes that the player will start off with. It proves itself to be an exceptional all-rounder, having a good amount of health and being able to deal moderate amounts of damage. It also can move at fast speeds, making it a tough opponent to others.


The warrior wears a hybrid of a tank-top and a T-shirt. While the left shoulder has a T-shirt sleeve, the right shoulder has no sleeve. On the warrior's back, two ribbons sprout out from his upper back, seeming like a mimic of a cape. On the warrior's front, two vertical stripes are seen on their chest. The warrior uses an unusually long broadsword, which is slightly longer than the average roblox avatar. No matter the look, there is always a line of solid color running through the blade.


Unfortunately, as stated above, this class has no specialties except being an all-rounder. This means that the warrior can take on any class, but can also lose to any class.


Main - Warrior Slash: The user performs a two-hit combo, each hit dealing moderate damage.

Ability 1 - Blade Rush: The user dashes forward and slashes, causing the area around themselves to explode, dealing low AoE damage. This is useful for starting/engaging in a fight.

Ability 2 - Blade Wave: The user slashes and sends a slow-moving wave of slashes in front of themselves, dealing moderate damage. This attack can be used after Blade Rush to initiate a good combo.

Critical - Sword Edge: Similar to Blade Wave, the user slashes, but they take a longer time to slash. Once the user slashes, a wave nearly identical to Blade Wave's gets sent out, but it deals more damage and is slower moving.


  • When teaming, the Blade Wave can be used to weaken a tank's defense, and then your teammate (which in this case is an assassin) can rush in to finish the job.
  • Out of the four basic classes, this class has the most health. It is great at surviving because the all-rounder qualities of this class enable the user to assume a defensive or offensive stance.
  • Try to avoid attacking classes that are equal to or above the elite tier, as they will swamp the warrior over with better statistics and moves.


  • Originally, the Blade Wave dealt damage-per-second that was enough to one-hit-kill an opponent. It was also incredibly fast-moving and red in color.