"Where does Trickster keep all his knives? Is it a trick?"


Trickster is a ranged class, having the ability to apply bleed to opponents and turn stealth, this class is mostly a good damage dealer because of his bouncing knifes.


Trickster has bands going down his arms and legs. A vertical stripe can be seen going through the middle of the torso. It has two pouches on it's hips where, presumably, it carries it's throwing knifes.


Trickster's bouncing knifes can kill anyone who tries to get in a choke point, Ultimately, tank classes can die off easily due to Trickster's bleed effect. With perfect timing in jumps and knife throws, Trickster can kill off any melee classes it can encounter.


Main - [Knife trick]: [Throw out a knife that bounces off walls and deals damage]

Ability 1 - [Vanish]: [Turn stealth and dash forward. Using any attacks or abilities will end the stealth]

Ability 2 - [Knife Flurry]: [Stack yourself with 3 bleeding knifes, using attack will rapidly throw out 3 knifes that deals damage and apples bleeding effect]

Critical - [Razor Knife]: [For 5 seconds, all your knifes apply bleeding effect, and can stack bleed with knife flurry]


  • Activate Knife flurry and turn stealth. Once you get close to your opponent, Throw out the bleeding knifes and keep spamming the knifes
  • Vanish is useful for sneak attacks or to escape battles when you are on low health.
  • Use environments to your advantage, Your knifes bounce off walls so it's going to be hard for the opponent to escape if there are a lot of walls
  • Vanish is also useful to use deception on an opponent such as attacking the opponent when it heals (hence it’s name)


  • Version - 3.3.7 Bug Fixed,Old Trickster used to be a down graded jester and was used instead of ninja.