The thief is one of the four basic classes. While it deals the most damage out of the four basic classes, it lacks the health to hold its own in a fight. The thief also lacks any AoE attacks, making all of its combos and abilities hard to land. The thief moves extremely fast while dealing large amounts of damage, making it extremely useful for a hit-and-run situation. The thief is best at getting kills, and in that way, is one of the most efficient point-gathering classes.


The thief has a short cape on his back, which drapes over a small backpack. The face of the player is hidden by either a version of a bandana or the cape, depending on perspective. On their front, there is an inverted "T". The small, short knife that the thief dons look similar to a warrior's blade. A pair of sheaths rests on the thief's hips.


The thief is best in hit-and-run situations, where they prey on a target, kill them, and run before they get vultured. They can deal large amounts of damage, and are extremely fast. Thieves also have reliable movement for escapes, due to the low cooldown of Spin Leap and their movement speed. The thief only gains range when they do their critical attack, but their critical attack is deadlier than most.


Main - Thief Slash: The user engages in a two-hit combo, each slash dealing 200 damage. These slashes are quite hard to land because of their low range.

Ability 1 - Pick Pocket: The user jumps leaps into the air, gaining considerable height and speed otherwise unobtainable through normal jumping. This ability is effective for escaping, juking, or faking. It is also useful for moving long distances, like jumping from island to island on maps such as Grand Hall. Using Main while doing this move will result in performing another Spin Slash

Ability 2 - Spin Slash: The user spins around with the dagger to create a AOE slash around it self to deal moderate damage. This move can also be activated when Pick Pocket and it's Main used together

Critical - Crimson Daggers: The user will hurl a red dagger straight in front of them that deals a large amount of damage per hit. The user can do this five times, and they will hurl a dagger every time the left mouse button is clicked. If a dagger hits the user's target, the target will be inflicted with Armor Break.


  • Teaming up with a tankier player often results in the assassin surviving. The tank can be a damage-sponge while the thief can be the damage-dealer.
  • Unlike other basic classes, thief stands a chance against classes of higher tiers because of its ability to deal large amounts of damage quickly.
  • Be mindful about timing the Spin Leap, as a miscalculation of using that move can cause the thief to undershoot and get caught by their target, or it can cause the thief to overshoot and throw the thief's coordination off.
  • A very fast way of doing huge amounts of damage is using Thief Slash, quickly switching and using Crimson Stab, and using Thief Slash once again in a quick succession for a total of 750 damage in less than a second.