Thief is one of the Assassin Classes. It is mostly a hit-and-run class due to its high speed and low to medium damage capability. It has low health but makes up for it by being able to lifesteal from its opponents.


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  • Fast movement
  • Able to lifesteal
  • Able to lower damage of opponent


  • High chance to miss attacks


Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
[LMB] Thief Slash slash and deals daamge


10 Close Range 0.4sec
[Q] Rolling Flip Flip and roll to dodge attacks --- ---

Self Jump 4 studs(in any direction you pressing)

[E] Pick pocket  Spin and deal damage to all enemies around you, lifesteal, spin vertical after Rolling Flip

Self lifesteal 10

10 1 studs around yourself (after Rolling Flip Change to spin vertical) 2sec
[F] Triple Disarm throw out 3 daggers in a spread, deals damage and inflict damage debuff on each dagger Target

Attack-3(each dagger)

8 each

24 (Maximum)

6 studs (in 3 direction front of player  6sec


  • You can use Rolling Flip[Q] combined with Pick Pocket[E] to get in and out of combat easily.
  • Use Rolling Flip[Q] to get near your opponent then use Triple Disarm[F] to deal damage and lower their attack damage.
  • You can jump off the First Strike platform and use Rolling Flip[Q] to jump back. You can also use this when navigating throughout the map.


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