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Class Name : Technomancer

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Class Statistics

=== Health ===


=== Speed ===


=== Attributes ===

Ranged, Burst, Swift, Effect

=== Type ===

Defense Marksman, Master


Technomancer is one of the four current Master Marksman classes, under the sub category, "Defense Marksman". Unlike other ranged classes, it's laser comes out instantaneously after a 0.5 second delay, making it easy to hit more shots. Along with a sticky grenade that inflicts "Stop", and a teleporter, this class can easily land a few shots and make a quick escape.


The Technomancer wields a futuristic laser rifle that emits a technological beam with two layers, the outer layer being the player's effect color, and the inner being the player's armor color. The armor model holds many similarities to Sniper, so it can be easy to confuse the two from afar. The sticky grenade can also be seen on it's left hip.


The Technomancer is designed to be a defensive class, given its low movement speed and slightly higher than average health. This class can be good for setting up teleporters halfway across the map, teleporting in and dealing damage, then teleporting back out of battle to heal. The sticky grenade also works well in groups of enemies, given its ability to Stop them.


Main - Techno Beam: Fire a laser with a short warm up that can pierce enemies, but not solid objects. Deals 180 damage.

Ability 1 - Teleport Pad: Place two separate pads that can be used to teleport to each other after a cooldown period.

Ability 2 - Sticky Grenade: Throws a grenade a short distance forward with a moderate area of effect. Deals 150 damage and inflicts Stop effect.

Critical - Orbital Strike: Throw a pad a few studs in front of you. After a three second delay, a large explosion occurs on the point of the pad. Deals (400?) damage and inflicts Stop effect.


  • When playing Technomancer it is very important to land a hit with your sticky grenade. It Stops your opponent so you have time to adjust, land a shot or two and get back in the rhythm of the fight. It can also be helpful to always have a teleporter in a useful position to make a quick escape.
  • If you use your 1st ability , aka the one with the teleporter, if you jump then use the ability, and keep jumping, you'll double jump


  • Given it's low movement speed, the technomancer is not great at running away, or chasing. Any class with a Slow effect can easily render the technomancer immobile. Just be careful to dodge it's sticky grenade, if they miss, it makes it a lot easier to kill them.


  • In an upcoming update, Technomancer's telporter is going to be changed to a short range turret that is immobile, with it's own health. (this has been reverted back to the teleport for a short time)
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