The tactician is one of the two defense marksman classes in the master tier. It has fairly simple mechanics for a master tier class, and can be used as a support or assault class effectively.


The tactician's armor is a simple vest with neon lines going up the middle, and it has a high collar around the player's head. The tactician's weapons are a hexagonal shaped shield, that has retractable light spike blades, and a pistol.


This class has very good kiting mechanics and can be a melee class player's nightmare if used properly. The tactician is dangerous at all ranges due to its diverse abilities, and it boasts a unique ability to heal and grant an attack buff to allies during team fights and boss fights.


Main - Piercing Shots: The tactician fires a bullet from his gun that will ignore any armor or effect. This is the basic attack ability for the tactician and it can be fired very rapidly.

Ability 1 - Disabling Bullets: The user fires a three shot magic burst of red orbs that will deal damage and disable any enemies hit by them, since this is a magic ability, the orbs move slowly but will travel through walls.

Ability 2 - Shield Slash: The user dashes forwards and then slashes with the bladed shield dealing damage to any enemies hit. The tactician will not slash with the shield until after the dash has completed so hitting any enemies during the dash will not damage them.

Critical - Tactics: The user holds his pistol high in the air for one second before healing himself and his allies (if in a team mode or boss fight.) and granting an attack boost for 5 seconds. The heal will regain 50% of missing HP.


  • When playing this class, kite all of your enemies, your basic attack ability has piercing damage against any armor boosts, and can be fired very rapidly. This makes you very dangerous to melee classes and will keep you from getting pinned in a corner or in too much danger of teams.
  • If a melee attacker gets too close, use your disabling bullets to burst them down, these bullets deal a huge amount of damage if you land more than one on the same enemy, they will also cause your enemy to be unable to attack you for a few seconds, giving you the chance to either escape or finish them off.
  • Your shield dash ability is a great way to escape enemies or chase down runners.