This is a vulture class, trapping enemies in tight corners, when an opponent is very low, it is almost hard for them to attack you, while using Shadow Play then using Shadow Strike to finish your opponent, it is almost hard to miss if they are attempting to run away from death. It is also capable of dealing the most damage in the entire game.


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Stalker is incredible at attacking players with extremely low health, almost great for the Vulture strategy. This class can intervene a battle, as when both players are using Melee, you can easily kill both of them. This class is also an incredible rusher, being able to quickly attack and kill the opponents.


Main - Shadow Slash: Slash and deals damage.

Ability 1 - Shadow Strike: Slash and deals damage +50% of the target's missing health, if use this Ability while in Stealth, dash forward.

Ability 2 - Shadow Play: [Turn Stealth for a few second, increase movement speed

Critical - X-Slash: [Dash and perform a X-Slash, deals damage


  • When attacking, remember to turn on Stealth then attack with Shadow Slash, you can turn on stealth again to regain some health, but do not do this if your opponent is running away; if they are use your stealth to attack them with Shadow Strike.
  • When escaping, move in unpredictable ways, because you only have a few seconds to disappear from your opponent.
  • X-Slash is a very good attack if they are running and have low health. You can kill any class with this skill, combined with other attacking tips mentioned in this article
  • This class is extremely good against tanks as Shadow Strike always takes away 50% of the oppenents remaining health.
  • A good strategy for tanks is to attack them with Shadow Slash while jumping over the tank’s head, until they are down to 50% health. Then go in for the kill using Shadow Play to disappear and appear in front of them, and then use Shadow Strike or X-Slash to finally finish them off.


  • Stalker was based off of the now-removed class, Assassin.