The Spearman is Advanced Class that use Spear Attack Enemies with a lot damage. You can also get the Gladiator special class if you win FFA on Sky Castle with this class.


Soldiers in front of the army on castle,with his long spear, He can hit a lot of enemies


With the long spear, it gives him a easy way to stab enemies in front of him and use abilities to boost damage so he can kill enemies faster and prevent them from healing


Title Name Description Buffs/Debuffs Applied Damage Range CoolDown
Attack Spear Attack Slash enemies with spear and deal damage None 160 Points 10 Studs -
Ability 1 Charge Edge After delay 0.5s Spearman will dash with his/her for deal damage and get attack buff for 3s Buff Attack(player) 120 points 40 Studs 6 Seconds
Ability 2 Thousand Strike Stab enemy with spear 5 times for deal damage None 100 Point Per hit 10 Studs 6 Seconds
Critical Mighty Spear Deal damage all around and knock them back also apply slow buff to enemies Slow(enemy) PH Around player N/A


  • Start with [Charge Edge] for gain Attack buff for deal more damage, with close enough you will be able to use [Thousand Strike] - DragonHero221


  • Enemies that have the ability to stun or slow, if got the effect it will be hard to escape
  • Ranger Class will be easy to kill Spearman
  • Spearman can deal damage with alone enemy so if they team they will be hard if kill in one time


  • Don't use [Charge Edge] white enter Classes Room (Glitch)

== Lord ==

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