The Spearman is Advanced Class that use Spear Attack Enemies with a lot damage. You can also get the Gladiator special class if you win FFA on Sky Castle with this class.


The Spearman has a plate of armor on his chest, with a diamond in the middle top. He has boots and wristbands as well. His right shoulder is covered in plate.


With the long spear, it gives him a easy way to stab enemies in front of him and use abilities to boost damage so he can kill enemies faster and prevent them from healing


Title Name Description Buffs/Debuffs Applied Damage Range CoolDown
Attack Spear Attack Slash enemies with spear and deal damage None 160 Points 10 Studs -
Ability 1 Charge Edge After delay 0.5s Spearman will dash with his/her for deal damage and get attack buff for 3s Buff Attack(player) 120 points 40 Studs 6 Seconds
Ability 2 Thousand Strike Stab enemy with spear 5 times for deal damage None 100 Point Per hit 10 Studs 6 Seconds
Critical Mighty Spear Deal damage all around and knock them back also apply slow buff to enemies Slow(enemy) PH Around player N/A


  • Start with [Charge Edge] for gain Attack buff for deal more damage, with close enough you will be able to use [Thousand Strike] - DragonHero221


  • Enemies that have the ability to stun or slow, if got the effect it will be hard to escape
  • Ranger Class will be easy to kill Spearman
  • Spearman can deal damage with alone enemy so if they team they will be hard if kill in one time


  • Don't use [Charge Edge] white enter Classes Room (Glitch)

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