Sorcerer is one the elite classes. The Sorcerer is a combo class which means that he is more effective when he is combining his spells together, however it can often lead to Sorcerer depleted of spells to use after his combo. The Sorcerer is very versatile as it has tools for every situation.


Sorcerer has a short straight cape on its back and its sleeves are torn.


Even though it has one of the most versatile kits in-game, having burst, mobility, cc, and range; it's moves are not as effective/reliable as other moves from all classes, Essentially being a jack-off-all-trades having a bit of everything but master of none( specializing in none of the categories).


Main - Energy Sphere: User shoots out a sphere that deals damage / Enchanted: shoots 5 spheres one after another.

Ability 1 - Twisted Dimension: After 0.5s delay, deals AoE damage and slows all enemies around you / Enchanted: more damage and bigger AoE

Ability 2 - Field Walk: User creates a path below him/her allowing them to walk on it increasing their movement speed / Enchanted: even MORE movement speed.

Critical - Spell Enchant: User enchants him or herself to gain armor and allowing one of their spells, when cast, to be ENCHANTED (No Critical Power needed)


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