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Sniper is a long ranged marksman, having a pistol as a primary and a sniper for the secondary, and a grenade for the latter. Sniper's sniper mode stops its movement but can deal damage, putting the opponent to near health, if the bullet does not miss


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Title Name Description DMG RNG COOL EFFECT
Main Move Description 0 0 0 Self:
Ability 1 Move Description 0 0 0 Ally:
Ability 2 Move Description 0 0 0 Enemy:
Critical Move Description 0 0 0 Others:


  • With most of classes that requires aiming, press Z to enable mouselock, where you aim is where the bullets will go.
  • With mouselock enabled, hover your mouse at your opponent, do not shoot unless you are certain that you have them in your crosshair, for the most of the time, players will randomly shoot even though it will not damage anyone.


  • Sniper has a hard time killing players who jumps too much, rendering sniper mode useless.
  • The caution also applies to swift classes, since they can dodge the shot.


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Contributors: Emxly

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