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The Sniper class is an elite tier class in Critical Strike Alpha. It uses a pistol as it's primary attack, a sniper rifle as it's secondary, and a grenade as it's third. The Sniper has incredible range and damage potential, but is very hard to use correctly. However, when someone does use it correctly, the results are devastating.


The Sniper's outfit has a vest and boots, as well as two symmetrical wristbands. The pistol is composed of the primary color, with a singular vertical stripe of the secondary color running down the middle. The sniper rifle is composed in a near identical way to the pistol. The grenade is colored entirely in your secondary color.

Screenshot (124)

A sniper player holding their sniper rifle


The Sniper is extremely good at doing high long-range damage, albeit slowly. If you plan on specializing in Sniper, then practicing in the training room range is an amazing idea as to help your aim improve.


Title Name Description DMG RNG COOL EFFECT
Main Pistol Shoots one shot out of a pistol, dealing damage 100 100+ 0.5 No Effect
Ability 1 Sniper Mode Sit down and shoot your sniper gun. You are immobile while shooting. 350 100+ 3 No Effect
Ability 2 Energy Grenade Throw a grenade into the arena, doing AOE damage. 250 55 4 No Effect
Critical Headshot Sight Apply headshot mark to all targets in front of you, who will in turn take higher damage from Sniper Mode. 0 100+ Critical Cooldown Headshot Mark / All Enemies in front of you


  • With most of classes that requires aiming, press Z to enable mouselock, where you aim is where the bullets will go. Shiftlock is also a good option if you are familiar with it.
  • Remember not to shoot unless you are certain that your opponent is in your crosshairs. The reload time for the Sniper Rifle is an astounding 4 seconds, which will lose you lots of precious time.
  • Stay far away from other players, always keeping them in your crosshairs. A good idea is to hide in a bush or tree, and snipe at other people. Remember that the sniper can only shoot people at the same elevation as him, so be cautious if you are planning to do this.
  • A good attack pattern looks something like this; Snipe a player, and then shoot them with your pistol if needed. About 3 seconds later, throw a grenade at them. Repeat step two and three until they are dead. Then, hide again and snipe another player.
  • Use the grenade to temporarily block off points of access. Since the grenade's explosion can last a few seconds, this can greatly increase your chance of escape if you are being chase, give that extra damage that you need, and cut off people from health kits if their health is low enough.


  • Sniper has a generally long reload time for most abilities, so attack them while they are reloading. This will ensure you don't get one or two shotted by them.
  • Sniper is mostly weak in close range, as the pistol won't attack fast enough to do real damage and aiming with the sniper rifle is close to impossible. But, beware of their grenade, as it can do good AOE damage if you get hit by it.
  • Snipers are often underestimated. If you wish to kill one, try and sneak up on them without being seen, as getting into their line of sight can mean certain death for an unsuspecting player. It is very easy for a sniper to simply shoot you if you get in their way, so make sure that does not happen.
  • Knights are an exceptional counter to Snipers, as their shield allows them to charge up and smash the Sniper in seconds. As a sniper, be wary of knights, and eliminate them while they don't see you. The same can be said for all gun classes.
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