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The Slayer has one vertical neon line going up the middle, with two small diagonal neon lines next to the top of it. It has a hood and a small, diagonal backpack facing back, and it also uses blades as weapons.


Passive [Bloodlust]: [Dealing damage or taking it gives bloodlust, which makes you deal more damage with Double Slash or Chaos Strike.]

Attack [Double Slash]: [Slash and deal damage.]

Ability 1 [Chaos Strike]: [Spin forward, deals damage but takes bloodlust away, the more bloodlust you have the more it takes away but deals more damage.]

Ability 2 [Chaos Waves]: [Slash 2 times and create 2 waves, deals damage.]

Critical [Destruction Zone]: [Spin 5 times and deal and AoE attack, deals damage.]


  • The Slayer can stack bloodlust by taking damage, or dealing it, meaning that you can literally grow stronger the more damage you take, so if you escape after taking a lot of damage, you can easily get your revenge.


  • This may be considered as unfair, but you can fall into a pit, take damage, and then use a soul cube to heal yourself to deal more damage because of bloodlust.
  • If you're majorly hurt, but your target is as well, don't stop. Use Chaos Strike to get close to your target, and then just spam attack and Chaos Waves.


  • If there is a ranged class with a slow or stun ability, just don't do it. You don't have a lot of health, and even if you get more bloodlust getting damaged, it won't be of much use when you're dead. The only exception to this is Controller, because you can use Chaos Strike to get away from their cubes if you need it.
  • A Slayer's worst nightmare: Stalker. It's impossible (unless the stalker is bad) to kill. Like I said, you don't have a lot of health, and that means that the Stalker can go invisible, use attack a few times, then Shadow Strike. Completely dead.


  • This class is actually the only stack assassin, making it unique.
    • This will change when the Dancer is added.
  • In update 3.3.7, using critical made you lag out, and Chaos Waves didn't deal damage. Contributors: MutantPony07, Unregistered Users