"Shadows can't be faded away"


Shadow is a class obtained by defeating Shadow boss. It is a burst class that has a high attack speed at the cost of having high cooldowns. It is also known for its ability to blind.


Shadow wears a tank top with two neon stripes on both sides of its chest. It has a black band on its chest, and the left stripe stops before coming in contact with the band. Shadow also has a small pack with a neon diamond on its back. Two neon "capes" sprout from either side of the backpack. Finally, Shadow's wristbands are different from other classes: there are two of them on each hand.


Shadow is effective at hit-and-run situations. It can deal a large amount of damage in a short while, and it can also make a decent escape by turning into a shadow or blinding everyone in range like a squid.


One critical flaw that separates Shadow from the rest of the hit-and-run classes is that all of its attacks have large cooldowns and are abilities rather than "main attacks", making it tough to keep up a consistent fight. It also lacks health to "tank" damage until its attacks are ready. This class can also be easily countered with classes that have the ability to raise their defense, as the Shadow's damage of the Shadow Spray ability, can be nullified with high defense.


Tite Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
Ability 1 Dark Pulse The player slices with his or her arms three times. If the player is in shadow sneak, he or her will leave shadow sneak in the form of an explosion which will blind everyone in the explosion's range. Blindess (only in Shadow Sneak) (Adversaries) 100 per slash, 300 total; 200 in Shadow Sneak 25 studs; 10 stud radius in Shadow Sneak 2 seconds
Ability 2 Shadow Sneak The player turns into a shadow. He or she will be unable to jump in this form, but he or she will gain 100 armor. None N/A N/A 6 seconds
Ability 3 Shadow Spray The player rapidly shoots balls of shadow from his or her torso in a conical range in front. If the player is in shadow sneak, he or she will dash forward for a second. None 50 per shot, 500 total; N/A in Shadow Sneak Map; 35 stud dash in Shadow Sneak 5 seconds
Critical Nightmare A large shell of darkness forms around the player, and anyone inside the shell will be blinded for four seconds. Blindness (Adversaries) N/A Large N/A


  • Shadow is effective against low health classes such as the Slayer, Sorcerer, Thief, etc. because it can easily kill them off in a few seconds if the target is blinded.
  • You can activate certain Shadow Sneak abilities after activating Dark Pulse or Shadow Spray by activating Shadow Sneak after using the other abilities.


  • Shadow replaced Phantom, but then Phantom replaced Shadow in Critical Strike v4.0.3