Samurai is an assassin brawler class in the Elite Tier. It excels in chasing and strafing and can make short work of an unprepared opponent. However, it is lackluster in terms of raw damage and is hindered by its low health.


Samurai wears gear resembling light armor, with a short sleeve on the left arm and three protrusions on the back. It carries a one-handed katana that either has a sharp or serrated edge, as well as a sheath.


Samurai is adept at initiating fights and chasing enemies. It uses its excellent mobility to give it the upper hand while in combat. As a result, it is difficult to defeat a Samurai that initiates first without strong burst or crowd-control.


Title Name Description DMG RNG COOL EFFECT
Main Katana Slash Slashes with the katana. 170 Melee 0
Ability 1 Katana Draw Performs a short stab forwards. If Katana Draw is used after Katana Dash, it will instead deal AoE damage and slow the enemy. 150 (both versions) Melee 3 sec Enemy: Slowed for 2 sec (after using Katana Dash)
Ability 2 Katana Dash Dash forward a short distance. 40 studs 0.5 sec, 6s stack gain, up to 3 stacks
Critical Stealth Slash Turn Stealth after a 0.5 second delay, then after 2 seconds perform an AoE slash that deals damage scaling with missing HP. Scales with 50% of missing HP Melee


  • Initiating with the AoE Katana Draw is an effective way to catch someone off guard. It is also your main tool for chasing enemies because of its useful slow.


  • Samurai falls behind in the raw damage that most other melee classes offer. Katana Draw deals less damage than the basic attack and does not prove as useful in close quarter combat. As such, Samurai is prone to dying in prolonged fights against classes which can deal damage more quickly.
  • Samurai relies on Katana Dash for getting in range. Correctly reacting when a Samurai dashes in can give you a window for landing a hard-to-hit ability.


  • Samurai is heavily inspired by the video game character Yasuo from League of Legends, who is also a samurai. All of Samurai's abilites reference Yasuo.