NOTE START There is a current on-going petition to remove all Lore, since some contributors and editors (including some in Discord) are unhappy with the Lore written in the article, you can skip writing the Lore in your article and continue writing the other sections of the articles. NOTE END

If you are writing the lore add your username in here and declare such progress. It must be extremely short. This is an example lore:

There was a wiki, desperately needed some organizing, this was when Sample Page discovered that he could use himself to power other articles making them look much more awesome than before.

This can be longer, a full 2 paragraph is the limit however. (300-800 characters) You can ask for a specific class to get a Lock, if a class is locked, you are the only one who can write in the lore.


This is a simple and introducing the class, a class summary can be added as well.


Describe the appearance here. Do not add simple and short backstories here. This section can only be used for the class' appearance.


This section is used to describe how the class is powerful in battle, make sure to outline each move and describe why it's ability can be used to gain an advantage.


This section is for playing wanting to know how to defeat this specific class. Make sure to add the main weakness and then other sub weakness. If there is no specific class to kill off this Class, it can be achieved by writing which class to use and how to do it.


Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
Main Move Description Effect 0 0 0
Ability 1 Move Description Effect 0 0 0
Ability 2 Move Description Effect 0 0 0
Critical Move Description Effect 0 0 0

Do not omit move names (calling moves such as: skill 1, ability 2): write the full description of the move, sometimes you can add brackets next to a stat and add in information: EX: Beautify Wiki: After some hard work use this ability to improve the look of the wiki page (+20% awesome).

When mentioning how the effect of a certain move acts on others, type in the buff(s) separated by commas, and then write how in parenthesis.

  • Self: Adds an effect to yourself
  • Ally: Adds an effect to ONE ally
  • Team: Affects your whole team
  • Enemy: Adds an effect to one enemy
  • Adversaries (edit this, I cannot find a better word): Affects all enemies
  • Others: Affects everyone else, not including yourself.

Sometimes some skills only target people who are near or have low health.

  • AoE: Near you
  • <50 HP: Low Health

If you want a simple way of making the tables: go to source editor and copy the whole class, then paste it in your article.


  • Be helpful to other players! Write your tips that might help new players. Bold moves that are used in the tip: Ex: Beautify Wiki can be used to make sure that the wiki keep looking great and readable.


  • This is a game, some readers need some fun while reading things!
  • Sometimes, if the class was: nerfed, buffed, reworked, tweaked. You can add in changes here.
  • This Sample class change keeps getting changed to make the wiki look nice, if you have suggestions you can comment below.
Contributors: Write your username in here, you can add a comma if you are also an editor. You can only add in your username in IF you reach an edit of 2500 bytes, adding in 500 does not count, but counts as a minor edit. Add any sections as needed *see example*
Contributors: User1, User2 | Minor Contributors: MUser1, MUser2, MUser3 | Minor Edits: MEUser1

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