Bendy is an Obtainable Boss Class, obtained by beating the Bendy Boss, kind of how you get Shadow by Beating the Shadow Boss. The Class's Strength comes in from it's Burst and Ranged attacks, but the Downside to This is that it is not Good against a Melee class at close range. If used correctly, can put up a Good Fight against Ranged Opponents.


The Body Color is set to "Really Black" by default and the Accessory Color is set to "Really White" by default. Bendy wears a White Bowtie at the neck area and White gloves. The Head takes an Oval Shape but has a Crescent shape at the Very Top. Bendy also wears Black Shoes.


Bendy is in Particular, Strong against other Ranged classes and Spellcasters, and in some cases, against Assassins. Bendy is a Spellcaster, being able to shoot projectiles through walls and deal damage behind cover. Bendy is good for Pursuing since it's 1st Ability applies the Slow and Cripple effects.


Bendy is weak against Brawler type classes. Bendy relies on Quick and Light attacks, which if are spotted beforehand, can be easily dodged. Bendy is mainly weak against Bulky Brawlers, as they have too much Health and can Deal out Massive Damage. Unless Bendy has his Critical Move ready, Brawlers and sometimes Assassins will outmaneuver this class as it only has 800 Health, 30 Speed, and no Self-Healing ability.


Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
Main Ink Wave Bendy creates a Wave of Ink, dealing Damage. Critical: Wave deals 2x Damage and applies Slow Effect None.

Critical: Slow.


Critical: 240.

100 Studs 2 Seconds
Ability 1 Ink Blast Creates an AoE Burst of Ink that Deals Damage and applies Slow and Cripple effects. Critical: Adds Blind Effect and +60 Damage. Slow and Cripple.

Critical: Blind Added.


Critical: 150.

15 Studs 5 Seconds
Ability 2 Wall of Ink Bendy puts up a Wall that will Block Projectiles but can be walked through. the Wall has it's own Health of 1000. Critical: +200 Health and Cannot be Walked Through. None. 1000 Hp.

Critical: 1200 Hp.

5 Studs 7 Seconds.
Critical Inky Cover Puts a Sheet of Ink over the Player and Buffs Bendy's Attack Effectiveness and Damage. Works Similar to the Berserker's Ragnarok Move. Moves are Buffed. 0. 0. Depends on Player's Actions.


  • Bendy can be Used as an Offensive Class, but it is mainly for Support.


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