The Recon is a Class that gives the ability to remain invisible and create deadly ambushes. This class was meant for hiding due to its supply of becoming Invisible. People who think that this is "noob-material" are mistaken. This class was designed for disappearing.


The character carries a bulky backpack with an antenna sticking out of the left hand side. Recon has no hat or headgear. The character has a gun equipped.


Invisibility makes it great for ambushes, escapes, and sudden entry into a battle. Though other players receive a "Stealth Near" , they won't know which direction. Use invisibility to your advantage and avoid all projectiles.


Attack - [Recon Shot]: [Fire Bullets out depend on Mode, deals damage]

Ability 1 - [Switch Mode]:[Switch Between Shotgun and RapidFire Mode]

Ability 2 - [Shadow Cloak]: [Toggle you stealth but slowly drain your Stealth meter, taking damage during Stealth will break your stealth]

Ability 3 - [Remote Shot]: [shoot out a projectile that stick to terrains, reactivate to detonate, explode and deals damage]


  • Hit-And-Run Tactic.
  • Don't be afraid to follow unless you know they are still strong enough to counter. You're faster and have a lower cooldown for attack.
  • Shoot them from behind while being in Shadow Cloak if they have low health.


  • Stealth will be lost which makes you a visible and easy target when hit by any projectile or melee attack.
  • The Stealth has a Stealth Meter which could result in very bad consequences if it its empty for incoming Battles.