The Recon is an Advanced Class that gives the ability to remain invisible and create deadly ambushes. This class was meant for hiding due to its supply of becoming Invisible. People who think that this is "noob-material" are mistaken. This class was designed for disappearing.


The character carries a bulky backpack with an antenna sticking out of the right hand side. Recon has no hat or headgear. The character has two disks equipped on both hands which can come in the forms of smooth, ragged, or gear-shaped.


Invisibility makes it great for ambushes, escapes, and sudden entry into a battle. Though other players receive an "Alert Symbol", they won't know which direction. Use invisibility to your advantage and avoid all projectiles.


Attack - [Disk Slash]: [Slash and deals damage]

Ability 1 - [Ghost Stealth]: [Turn Stealth, if the stealth meter is 0 or below or get damaged then the stealth will break]

Ability 2 - [Disks Throw]: [After 0.5s delay, throw out 3 disks in 3 direction, deals damage]

Critical - [Cyber Break]: [Perform a cyber explosion that apply Defense Debuff on all enemies around]


  • While using Ghost Stealth, you will be able to get close to enemies. At that time, use Disks Throw when close enough (if all Disks hit, it will deal a whopping amount of 400 damage). Spam your Attack afterwards to kill them.
  • Hit-And-Run Tactic.
  • Don't be afraid to follow unless you know they are still strong enough to counter. You're faster and have a lower cooldown for attack.


  • Stealth will be lost which makes you a visible and easy target when hit by any projectile or melee attack.
  • The Stealth has a time limit which could result in very bad consequences for on coming battles.