The Ninja is one of Advanced Class it useful to Attack/Dash to Enemies and Easy to Escape


Ninja From Edo period is Training himself for Critical War!


With the power of Ninja gives the ability to dash to enemies to deal damage and Shurikens that he throws gives him a chance to hit enemies in front of him


Attack - [Shurikens] - Throws out 3 Shurikens in 3 Directions.

Ability 1 - [Cripple Bomb]: Created a blast that apply "Cripple" effect to enemies and gives you stealth for 2s.

Ability 2 - [Kunai Dash]: Dash and slash with the kunai.

Critical - [Night Rush]: Dash and slash with your katana


  • if your enemies runaway from you, you can use Kunai Dash to go after your Target but remember, don't go after if you are on low heath
  • White you attack, you can use Cripple Bomb to be stealth to your enemies and you have 2 Choices that you can do in that time
  • 1.Use Kunai Dash to enemies to Deal damage (if you use Cripple bomb close to enemies, They will get Cripple that they can't jump) Or use Attack from far away (if you didn't use closely, your enemies won't get cripple effect so they will keep jumping)
  • 2.Use Kunai Dash in other Directions for escaping from your enemies or going to the original place you used to be


With low health, it's hard to deal a lot damage in first attack. Ninja ability is hard to beat enemies with a lot of health or far away (Tank,Ranged). if you get close enough but still got stun, you'll be dead soon.


  • Shurikens on Version 1.0 - 2.0 Can be able Through the wall


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