"Mada mada!"


The Ninja is one of Advanced Classes. It can very reliable attack/dash to enemies and then easily escape to fight another day. Specializing in quick flurries of surprise attacks while constantly flanking the enemy, Ninja strives on its mobility. Although, Ninja typically doesn't do well in group fights due to lack on pierce on it's shurikens.

When the situation calls for it, Ninja can unsheathe its katana to engage an enemy with several powerful darting slashes which can turn the tides of battle in your favor.


Wears a light suit of armor around the body while sporting a double layered cape from behind. Bottom cape can be colorized.

Ninja then wields its trusty kunai on its left hand, ready to engage enemies at any given time. Dagger blade can also be colorized.


Ninja comes with the ability to dash to enemies to deal damage and throw shurikens in a wide spread in front of it. Wisely rushing enemies when they least expect it is the encouraged playstyle of Ninja.

Effectively timing its dashes with its AOE slow then following up with shurikens can lead to killer combos.


Title Name Description Effect Damage Cooldown
Ability 1 Shurikens Throws out 3 shurikens in wide cone. None 65 0.2
Ability 2 Cripple Bomb Creates an AOE blast that applies the "Cripple" effect to enemies for 2s and gives you momentary stealth. Cripple (Enemy) None 5
Ability 3 Kunai Dash Dashes forward a set distance and slashes with the kunai, dealing damage to targets Ninja comes into contact with over the duration of the dash. None 250 2
Critical Night Rush Ninja brandishes its katana to deliver up to three perilous darting strikes. After activation, Ninja can not use any of it's other abilities until all three slashes are used. None 250 N/A

Weaknesses & Analysis

Due to its lower max health, it's quite the squishy class.

It may prove difficult for Ninja to defeat enemies with a lot of health or are simply too far away. Against tanks, it's best to whittle away at their hp by throwing shurikens from afar before attempting to dash in and engage. When dealing with ranged classes, don't bother attempting to duel against their weapons using your shuriken at long range. The chance of you hitting them is low, but even if you did land a shuriken, a measly 65 isn't going to outdo their dps output, particularly if their focus is on you. Instead, attempt to flank them using dashes. Once in close quarters, Cripple Bomb them and engage normally.

Ninja's true strength lies in that it has a high skill ceiling due to its capability to act very quickly, meaning Ninja excels when the user doesn't give the enemy enough time to properly respond before Ninja drops their hp significantly, or being able to juke/outplay positioning amid combat using it's mobility and skills. Thus, debuff and AOE abilities can be a huge threat to Ninja. Getting movement speed reduced is never a good idea when you're reliant on mobility to stay active. Nor is getting hit by large hitbox AOE abilities. This prevents Ninja from freely avoiding attacks that require normal human concentration. Avoid dealing with classes directly if possible.


  • While a single shuriken will only deal 65 damage, hitting all 3 at close range will net you 195. Being close but never as an easy target is the best way to maximize damage and survivability.
  • Aside from it's main purpose, which is to prevent hostile vertical movement in CQC, Cripple Bomb also gives a brief second or so of invisibility. While this may not seem like much, a good Ninja uses everything to their advantage. This moment of stealth can be manipulated as a form of combat concealment. A possible mid-combat strategy is to run away, past a turn/corner where the enemy can't see you. They may think you're trying to escape and if they do decided to give chase, you can double-back during the moment of invisibility and surprise them by following up with a Kunai Dash or possibly Night Rush.
  • Its Kunai Dash can be used for offensive, defensive, and mobility purposes. A skilled Ninja knows how to utilize its max potential
  • If your enemies runaway from you, you can use Kunai Dash to go after your target but remember, don't go after if them you are on low health. Overconfidence precedes carelessness, especially with Ninja's low health pool.
  • It should be noted that while you are powerless to do anything when knocked down, if you're instead movement locked, Ninja can still use Kunai Dash to dash the same distance as it would without being locked. Same goes for movement debuffs. This may help you get out of the way of an enemy' planned attack combo.
  • Kunai Dash's 3 second cooldown allows Ninja to constantly be dashing. Use this to rapidly maneuver the map.
  • Ninja can juke enemies using Kunai Dash through/in between corners, gaps, and turns as well as a method of reaching an HP pack before an enemy. Good game sense is necessary for consistent efficiency.


  • Shurikens on Version 1.0 - 2.0 were able to be thrown through walls.