"Edgy version of Priest"


Necromancer is an effects spellcaster class in the Elite tier. The class's strength comes in its long range and ability to severely weaken enemies. It can also survive in prolonged fights easily due to Requiem, provided it can keep an opponent at bay. With only a meager 800 HP and 30 speed, however, Necromancer can fall prey to classes that can take advantage of it.


Necromancer wears a breastplate with a stripe of neon and a three-ended cape. On each of its boots is a band of neon. Its staff comes with a ball of neon, four prongs, or vaguely in the shape of a skull.


Being an effects spellcaster, Necromancer can debilitate enemies quickly with its range of debuffs. The lifesteal provides that it is topped up during a fight and is a countermeasure against melee classes. Cursed Wave is a reliable slow that helps to deter a fleeing opponent.


Title Name Description DMG RNG COOL EFFECT
Ability 1 Dark Orb Shoots out an orb after a half second delay that pierces enemies and inflicts DEF-. 200 Infinite 2 seconds Enemy: DEF-50 for 5 seconds
Ability 2 Cursed Wave Summons a wave that travels forward and slows enemies. 150 60 studs 5 seconds Enemy: Slowed for 4 seconds
Ability 3 Requiem After a half second delay, deals damage and steals health from all enemies in an AoE. 100 25 studs 5 seconds Self: Heal 100 health
Critical Dark Cloud After a half second delay, creates a large cloud that deals damage each 0.75 seconds to all enemies in its area. Dark Cloud moves slowly in the direction you are facing. 100/ per second 20 stud radius 30 seconds Enemy: Damage all in AoE sphere.


  • If you prefer, press z to enable mouselock, your attacks will direct to where your mouse cursor is.
  • Use Cursed Wave to slow enemies and help land your shots if needed, especially for landing Requiem in the commonly used Orb Wave Requiem combo.
  • Using Cursed Wave then using Requiem can allow you to easily lifesteal anyone, this can also be used to either aid you in your escape or ensure that your fleeing opponent never runs away, since Necromancer's Slow effect can slow down to the point that anything can kill them off. The defense steal from the orb will also grant more healing.
  • Swift opponents with movement abilities can often escape, so using the slowdown last if possible can be helpful. Remember, your attacks go through walls!
  • Like most of Critical abilities, after the notification for « Final Strike » move to the center and count to 8 seconds... then after finishing counting down, use Dark Cloud to damage all opponents during the final strike, and don't forget to aim.
  • Whenever someone is slowed down during the Final Strike, if you did not use your Dark Cloud, you can use Cursed Wave to slow them down, then use Dark Cloud.
  • Try to keep a little distance from high damage opponents, especially quick melee classes, as they can quickly take advantage of your health, speed, and lack of escape.


  • Necromancer is susceptible to classes with strong burst, such as Mage, as one of its strengths lies in survival in long fights.
  • This class is extremely weak against Beast, since Beast can avoid any attacks with its 75 stud range leap.
  • In general it is weak against Swift classes that can instantly move to one place.


  • In the past, Necromancer's DEF- debuff could be stacked on enemies.
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