Medic is Support Class that let throw the healing bomb and come with Sleeping Dart make This class Feel like sniper a bit


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Its Sleeping Dart ability can be used to get great combos to do a medium amount of damage by launching the Medic bomb right after they are awake ( for pros usually) or launching it when they are still asleep ( the easier version ) walking into the bomb can get you some regeneration and damage them at the same time.


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Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
[LMB] Medic Spray Shoot out a projectile that deal damage --- 11 *200 studs 0.4sec
[Q] Medic bomb toss up a bomb that explode on impact, deal damage to enemies and apply Regenerate to you,apply Super Regennerate on Allies Self regenerate+3 (3 times)


Super regenerate+5


Front Player 4sec
[E] Disarm Vial after 0.5s delay, throw a vial at your cursor explode on impact, deals damage and decrease the enemy's attack

Target Attack-10



(can be aimed)

[F] Sleeping Dart Shoot out a projectile that inflict sleep on first target hit

Target Sleeping 3.5sec

--- *220 studs 6sec

*Range can't be confirm


  • while Running you can use Medic bomb[Q] in front of you, so you don't have to worry you will miss Medic bomb
  • if you hit enemy with Sleeping Dart[F] try use Disarm Vial[E] then timing with medic Bomb to decrease enemy Attack-10 and deal damage 10-20



Update Information

  • V4.0.5 Medic bomb reduce Damage from 20 to 15
  • V4.0.6 Medic Spray reduce Damage from 12 to 11
    • Medic bomb increase Damage from 15 to 20
      • Medic bomb increase self regenerate from 2 to 3 and decrease self heal times from 4 to 3