The Mage is one of the four basic classes. The Mage is able to do good amounts of damage from afar, while having a crowd control ability to stop incoming attackers. Due to its Magic Ability, its projectiles can go through walls.


The main significance of Mage's armor is that it has a big tome on the back of it. Other than that the armor is pretty simple with a vertical, neon stripe in the middle of it.

Play Style

Being able to shoot through walls and having time stop are the main two advantages. It can be played Offensively and Defensively. Use this to your advantage by Time Stopping to set up combos. Use the ability to shoot through walls to cut off enemies and to do damage from afar.


Ability 1 - Pulse Shots: The user rapidly shoots three projectiles, each individually dealing 100 damage, for a total of 300 damage if all three spheres hit.

Ability 2 - Burst orb: The user shoots out a sphere that doesn't do damage but applies Burst Mark, a effect unique to Mage. If you hit the enemy with Burst quickly again, it´ll explode and deal extra damage.

Ability 3 - Blast: The user shoots out a cone, dealing damage and applying Slow effect.

Critical - Ultimate Explosion: After a short delay, the user shoots a huge sphere which explodes after a set time, or on the first enemy hit.


  • Coming from a person who used to main Mage, set up a spam combo
    • Use Stop Spell when enemies come around corners or time it when falling in front of them
    • Spam Ability 1 and 2. Both must be used for a threatening blow. (Recommend stacking all of Ability 3)
  • Use Ability 3 as a Magic Sniper. It's fast enough, goes through walls, and has long range. Use it to cut off the enemies from getting to heal points or vulturing.