Type:Master Class (Bulky Brawler)


Attack(Lance Swing):Slash and deal damage.

Skill 1(Shield Burst):Give yourself a Armour buff,after 2 sec do an AoE attack and apply stun effect.

Skill 2 (Piercing Lunge):Charge for 1 sec then Dash forward with a lance and deal damage,ignoring armour.

Critical(Omega Needle):After 1 sec delay,charge forward and deal damage to first enemy hit.

[Description:It's tough and capable of stunning enemies but still lack some speed.]

Some Tips:

It's not a good runner class,Lunge won't help you because it have some delay and slow you down a lot.

Using Sheild Burst and follow by Piercing Lunge can create a good combo.

When compared to Paladin,Lancer can't heal itself but it's attack speed is faster than Paladin.

Don't use Lancer against fast classes since they can dodge Lancer's Shield Burst.

Try not to use Piercing Lunge when facing faster enemies because they can run away before you charge at them.