The Knight is an Advanced Class that can use it's shield to protect itself from projectiles.


The King of Warriors that guides their army to win the war.


The Knight is a class that comes with both a sword and a shield. He can attack at close range using his sword and use his shield to block incoming projectiles from enemies so they will be easy to approach and attack using both basic slashes and Heroic Edge.


Title Name Description Buff/Debuffs Applied Damage Range Cooldown
[LMB] Knight Slash Slash and deals damage --- 12 ? 0.4s
[Q] Master Parry Shield bash and parry, reduce cooldown on successful parry --- 15 ? 6s
[E] Skill Guard Hold up your guard to absorb damage into the shield --- 0 ? 0.5s
[F] Battle Banner Raise your banner and apply armor and attack absed on nearby players Self

Defense +5

Damage +2 (For each nearby player)

0 ? 8s


  • Start with using [Mighty Shield] to block any bullet from enemies and get close enough use [Heroic Edge] to deal damage in attack and slash enemies with [Knight Slash]


  • Knight is a class that can protect themselves with their shield, but can't kill enemies with a single hit. This can lead to the target escaping with low health. This is especially likely if the enemy is either faster than the Knight or if they have any movement abilities.
  • If the Knight is debuffed by a movement crippling status such as Frozen or Stun, they will likely not escape nor be able to fight back properly, as their only ranged attack is on quite a lengthy cooldown.


  • Knight is a complete counter to the Cowboy and Sniper classes via Mighty Shield, being able to block all their projectiles (excluding the Sniper's explosives).