The Jester is Special Class The Badge "Secret - Jester" Can be obtained if you go to the center of the grand hall map while using trickster.


Bouncing Balls - Throw out a ball that deals damage and bounce

[Countdown : 0.3s]

Damage : 100

Ability 1

Fake Death - Turn Steath, That leave a fake Death Body alone with the fake point sphere that apply "Disable Effect"

[Countdown : 5s]

Give yourself Buff : Steath Effect

Give Enemies Buff : Disable Effect (if Enemies Touch Fake point)

Ability 2

Stun Banana - Throw out a banana peel that deals Damage and apply "Stun Effect"

[Countdown : 4s]

Give Enemies Buff : Stun Effect (if Enemies Touch Banana)

Damage : 75 (per banana)


Bombing Party - Throw out 4 bombs in 4 directions, repeat 3 times, deals damage.

Tips and Tricks

  • The bananas that are spawned from the stun banana stay around for 8 seconds before disappearing.
  • Using the bananas right when someone attacks you with their melee can stun them easily.
  • The fake death can be more useful than just a stealth as the point orb that drops can be used to disable enemies and lasts about 20 seconds before despawning naturaly, along with the point orb the fake death gives a slight jump boost when used midair.
  • Bombing party's damage is enough to insta kill almost any class at close range and as such is meant to be used in unison with the stun bananas or during final strike.