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Illusionist, also called Donald Trump, can conjure walls, make targets easier to kill with Shatter Marks, Replicate past moves with its Critical.


Illusionist has a staff, with a cube in the apex. a normal gauntlet and basic design


This class can be very overpowered if the enemy is marked and then attacked repeatedly with various moves


Title Name Description DMG RNG COOL EFFECT
Main Shatter Cube Throw out a cube that deals damage and apply Shatter Mark, damagind target with Shatter will deal double damage and create an AoE attack around them, this ability stacks 2 times, gain 1 stack every 3s 125 INF 1 sec, 3s stack gain Enemy: Shatter Mark
Ability 1 Mirror Swift Place down a Mirror and Dash forward, if using this ability while have Mirror, teleport back to where your mirror was 0 INF 0
Ability 2 Mirror Wall Throw out a mirror that deals damage if it is still on going, after a few sec the mirror stop and act like a Wall 100/per wall 0 3
Critical Replica Abilty Perform your lastest ability but with more effect. Shatter Cube (Shots 3 cubes), Mirror Swift(Create AoE shatter effect, deals damage), Mirror Wall(throw out 8 walls in 8 directions) 0 0 0 Enemy: Shatter Mark


  • Mark the targets before killing them off, after marking, use Mirror Wall to put them in near death
  • When running away use Mirror Wall to block off paths
  • When being chased, mark them, then with timing, use Mirror Wall to kill them.
  • Make sure that your Replica ability do not miss.. duhh


  • This class is extremely weak against Swift classes since they can dodge most of the attacks by the Illusionist.


  • By the community, this class is called « Donald Trump » as one of its ability allows it to build walls, similar to Donald Trump's political campaign.
Contributors: Emxly

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