The Hunter is Advanced Class that use Trap to stop player and Kill they with crossbow.


The Hunter who living in the woods,He have his Favorite Crossbow and BearTrap and now He got invite to Critical War!


Bear Trap


Main attack - [Hunting Arrow]: Shoot out an arrow

Ability 1 - [Bear Trap]: Throw out a Trap that apply "Trap" effect, the Trap will go invisible after a few seconds

Ability 2 - [Hunter Sight]: Seek forward, Marked your enemies and Revealing their location, Marked target also take more damage

Critical - [Flaming Arrows]: After 0.5s delay, shoot out 5 arrows that go in 5 directions, deals damage and apply "Burn" effect


  • White enemies got Trap by [Bear Trap] Target your enemies with [Hunter Sight] for deal more damage


Hunter can Deal damage from far away lucky he can tap his Trap but he hard to escape enemies


  • Version 3.1 - [Hunter Sight] give ability to roll


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