Hitman is a Master Class obtainable for people who have Master class Access, the class gets its strength by it's invisibility and critical due to it giving true damage to attacks like close combat while invisibility and critical + close combat it can deal loads of DMG If used correctly. It can kill a opponent in two hits if they are targeted.


Hitman appears as a person wearing a fancy suit, donning a tie and fedora, with gauntlets on each arm. It wields a Tactical Pistol, half gun, half blade.


This class is good for taking out your target quickly, as it deals extra damage to your targets, making it a good class for sneak attacks.


Main - Close Combat (Execute): Slash and deals damage, if the target is Marked, deals bonus True damage

Ability 1 - Sneak Run: Turn stealth for 4s, increase your movement speed. If you use Close Combat while invisible, slash forward for massive TRUE damage.

Ability 2 - Quiet Shot: Rapidly shoot 3 bullets, each doing 75 damage. If your invisible while using this, shoot and expose your location for a while.

Critical - Target Acquired: Scan the whole arena and lock on random enemies, give them the Target Mark for the rest of the match, the newest target’s name will display on top of you (you will instantly get 1 free Critical at the start of the match)


  • Hitman is a targetting class, so naturally, people get salty. When you find your target, go invisible,(Make sure your close to your target for this) use Quiet Shot, then Execute.
  • If your the target of a Hitman, I reccomend using Controller, as your cubes can easily kill the Hitman if he tries to use Execute.


  • Use a ranged class to try to pick the Hitman, as there Quiet shot doesn´t do much damage if all three hit. - L33TDragon
  • If targetted, use a high damage ranged class like Sniper to get there health down low. -OmegaCobblestoneV2
  • They´ll most likely try to execute you, so come prepared with a Bind, Stun, Trap, etc. class. -L33TDragon


  • This Class Is Known As Hitman Based On the Hitman game series
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