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This character is in development. Melee, Effect, Critical


Character Model is in development.


This section is used to describe how the class is powerful in battle, make sure to outline each move and describe why it's ability can be used to gain an advantage.


Main - Close Combat: punch and deals damage, if the target is Marked, deals bonus 100 True damage

Ability 1 - Quiet Shot: shot with the pistol, the shot can go over walls but will reduce the flying speed every time it passes a wall, deals damage, if the target is Marked, deals bonus damage based on 20% of target max HP + 30% of target missing HP (5s cooldown for dem reload)

Ability 2 - Executed: equip a knife then perform a sick spin, deals damage and apply Bleed effect, if the target is Marked, instantly 1 shot if they are below 30% HP (5s cooldown)

Critical - Target Acquired: scan the whole arena and lock on random enemies, give them the Target Mark for the rest of the match, the newest target’s name will display on top of you (you will instantly get 1 free Critical at the start of the match)


  • No known tips as this class is still in development


  • No known weaknesses as this class is still in development


  • This class is in development
Contributors: Emxly

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