Hitman Is A Master Class Obtainable For People Who Got Master , The Class Gets its Strength By Its Invisibility And Critical Due To It Giving True Damage To Attacks Like Close Combat While Invisibility And Critical + Close Combat It Can Deal Load of DMG If Used Correctly. IT Can kill An opponent in two hits if they are targeted.


The Appearance Looks Like A Fancy Person Wearing A Top Hat With one Stripe , The Torso Having a Neck Tie And Pants Having One Stripe As Well. On The Right Hand is The Weapon that the Hitman uses for combat. It Is a Gun With A Blade Being Able To Shoot And Slash


This Class is Good If They Dont pay attention to the warning sign or if they didn’t expect you. It Specializes in Melee And Range As it Has A Half Gun That Shoots And Half Blade that Cuts. Let’s go on the moves that are part of Hitman.


Main - Close Combat (Execute): Slash and deals damage, if the target is Marked, deals bonus True damage

Ability 1 - Sneak Run: Turn Stealth for 4s , Increases Your Movement Speed, If Used Close Combat (Execute) While In Stealth , Remove Stealth Then Dash + Stab Fowards Dealing MASSIVE True Damage

Ability 2 - Quiet Shot: Shoot Rapidly 3 Bullets That Deals Damage. When The Target is Marked Applies Cripple Effect. When In Stealth Though Reveals you For A Sec But Does Not Remove Stealth :)

Critical - Target Acquired: scan the whole arena and lock on random enemies, give them the Target Mark for the rest of the match, the newest target’s name will display on top of you (you will instantly get 1 free Critical at the start of the match)


  • The Hitman Known As A Targetting Class (Every One Hates it) So Mostly You Will Be Targeting Your Target ... A Simple Combo Is Use Your Critical , Find Your Target , Turn Invisible Going Close to Your Target , Use Close Combat Then Use Quiet Chot As They Run Away
  • When You Are the Target Of A Hitman Try To Avoid Them As Possible As They Can Be Invisible And Close Combat For MASSIVE DAMAGE Yet Shoot You And Add Crippling Effect


  • Remember The Warning Effect That Shows if Someone invisible Is Near Use That As Your Advantage
  • They Will Mostly Try And Use Invisibility And Close Combat :) Try And Use A Class That Can Do AoE Damage Around You Like Necromancer Using Requiem Or Leviathan Using Water Eruption And Other Attacks Going Around ...

When Being The Targetted Try And Sniping It using The Sniper Or Any Class That Can Shoot From Afar


  • This Class Is Known As Hitman Based On Hitman ( xD LAWL )
  • .
  • SADLY I Do Not Know Any Trivia Stuff For This
  • - OmegaCobblestone V2 Person Who Did :L
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  • -> Speed -> Appearance -> Specialities
  • -> Ability's 1 & 2 & Main -> Tips
Contributors: Emxly

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