The Gunner class, note how in the corner the symbols means in order Ranged, Burst, and nice fancy explosion. (No actual explosions come with class)

The gunner is an advanced class (They aren't screwing around when they say "Advanced") that uses ranged attacks, which is very good for punishing the enemy for not playing tactically. This class has NEVER been changed at all... atleast I don't recall. But, For me being a person who has played gunner alot, knows the in's and out's, and has played since 2015, you should definitely keep reading this page. Or unless if you want to master it.


Gunners are what you would expect gunners to look like! They dual wield pistols, and they have some default armor. My favorite! Changing the neon color pallet will not change the part in the whole. No fancy parts there!


Chase, shoot, and being sadistically edgy cool is every skilled gunner. Gunners can get easy take downs with chasing, and doing straight forward damage. This class is squishy and slow, but to make up for this, the gunner can do AMAZING damage.


With a moveset like the Gunner's, you can easily feed off of their "Intelligence". With the right moves being used in the right situations, you should be able to take people down without wasting much time destroying chasing them.

Ability 1

The Gunner shoots out 3 bullets, dealing 80 damage each, up to 240 if you land them all. You can try and land all of your bullets for some good damage (that is if they don't dodge), or you can share the love by spreading your bullets around the place! Won't leave anybody without some love. Spreading your bullets around the place is a good way to catch runners if they try to run. There are some classes that will get away, or will try and kill you before you get to them.

Ability 2

Ever played megaman? Oh, you haven't? Go play it, it's good. But anyways, The Gunner's second ability is a dash. You may think this move is simple, or boring. But noooooo... You can do SO MUCH with this ability. You can get to places you shouldn't be in, You can chase, You can flee, You can even combo it! This also has a short cooldown, making it easy to get in and get out within seconds. This is why it's good mobility-wise. But the next ability is why it's good combo-wise.

Ability 3

Now this is where the combo's begin! This ability has the gunner fire close range shots (Melee contact close range), that fires times, dealing 150 damage each. You might be asking, "How can this combo to anything?". Well, remember Ability 2? Yeah, you can dash in, use this ability, and dash back out. Works like magic! This is great against melee classes considering that they will try to be in your face all the time. But you don't want to give them your face now, do you?


The Gunner fires 5, long ranged versions of ability 3, which makes 10 shots! This is can be used like Ability 1, focus fire on a single target, or share the love! One whole burst of this can kill any class!

Tips and Tricks

Get easy kills, and chase your enemy's like if they were the love of your life! Racking up kills from medium distances is what the Gunner does best. DO NOT FIRE FROM FAR DISTANCES, OR STAY IN CLOSE RANGE FOR TOO LONG. You can miss everything, or get close range abuse in the long run. If they ever try to get close to you, use your close range (3), then dash out (2). If they are sniping you, get a little down and dirty, by getting in medium range from them, then start shooting at them (1). Never be afraid to run away, as that you are very squishy, and move slow. Be aware of classes like duelist, who can block damage with one of their abilites.


So with me saying that this class can be an amazing class, you would think that it would have no weaknesses, right? NO. Here's a list on the classes that you should avoid fighting while playing a gunner

- Duelist (Damage blocking abilities, melee overlord)

- Priest (Healing, stuns)

- Paladin (Stuns [Not sure if they can heal... psst, somebody make a wiki page])



- Out of all the classes, Gunner has been the least changed. Judging by that since release, this class has been there the same.

- One of the weapon skins of the gunner resembles that of the infamous UZI machine pistol. -The other skin resembles the halo plasma pistol.


- Kalvinater, the guy who did almost everything

- 17ATran272, the one guy who identified the 2 alternate weapon skins but no one cares.