"Angry Farmer"


Gladiator is a special class obtained by playing as Spearman in Sky Castle. It was a soldier who guarded the castle of a mighty king that had to "drop his spear and fight like a gladiator in the arena."

Gladiator wears a gray tank top with two neon stripes on both sides of the player's chest. In the player's right hand, there is a trident longer than the player. Its middle prong is the most dominant as it is a full blade rather than a partial blade like the others. The blades of the trident are neon while the base of the trident head is gray. The shaft is black in color, and although not visible in the photo, the other end of the trident is tipped with a neon point with a smaller gray base. On the player's left hand, there is a wrist-device that shoots out nets. It is gray in color, and the tip of the device is black.


Gladiator has a relatively long range for its basic attack because of its long trident. This is extremely useful in clashes. Gladiator also can slow and weaken enemies with ease, allowing its foes to be brought down with ease. It is exceptionally good for staying on the defensive as the enemy will never reach the player, but the enemy will always be in range.


Because Gladiator uses a trident, that means it is harder to land a basic attack than with sword or dagger-based classes. It is hard to activate combos because of this. Also, Gladiator's critical is bugged, meaning that it cannot provide the necessary force needed to overcome some obstacles.


Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
Attack Trident Thrust The player thrusts his or her trident forward. None 170 points 10 studs None
Ability 1 Taunting An orange bubble forms around the player. Everyone in the bubble will gain the effects mentioned to the right. Armor Break, Attack (Adversaries) None 10 stud radius 6 seconds
Ability 2 Net Toss After a 0.5 second delay, the player hurls an orange net with gray corners straight ahead. This deals low damage but it is mainly to capture enemies. Slow (Enemy) 100 points 45 studs 8 seconds
Critical Rampage Mode The player allegedly gains a lot of walkspeed and attack power upon activation, but this move is bugged, so the player only gains speed. None N/A N/A N/A


  • Always stay defensive. Make sure to roll with your enemy rather than standing ground with them. Or your enemy will quickly over power. Use the occasional net to slow down your opponent. Keep moving all while waiting for the right moment. When the time is right, throw everything you've got and hope it works. If you fail, you will die. - PinkserpentQuasar


  • Rampage Mode used to be called Rage Mode, and it used to be ability 2 rather than the critical.