The Ghost is a Elite Class designed for surprise attacks by camping while remaining invisible or hiding from its enemies.


The Character has 3 spikes (?) sticking out of his back. Ghost has no hat or headwear. The character has 2 disks in both hands which can come in 3 shapes.


Ghost form makes it easy to make an enemy approach you, making it easy to deal damage with Disk Throw.


  • Tanks and AoE classes can easily kill Recon due to their high health and/or tracking abilities.
  • Ghost Form can be broken by attacking the user meaning AoE classes can easily track down Ghost.
  • While Ghost is using Ghost Form, he/she can't move.


Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
Main Disk Slash Slash and deals damage None 200 Near 0
Ability 1 Ghost Form Turn 100% Stealth but can't move Stealth None None 0
Ability 2 Disks Throw Throw out 3 disks in 3 direction, deals damage None 150 Each ??? ???
Critical Ghost Play Turn 100% Stealth, leave out a Shadow every 1s, attacking also leaves a shadow. Stealth None None 0


  • Camping in the middle (next to the heal cube) while in Ghost form is a great way of dealing alot of easy damage.
  • When an enemy is right infront of you, use "Disk Throw" to deal alot of damage.
  • Only chase enemies if you are really confident that you are able to kill him, since you only have two attacks


  • This class used to be an Elite class, before switching spots with Trickster
  • This is the only class that cannot move while being in stealth (except Critical)
  • Ghost has been replaced by Recon
  • Ghost (current) has been revamped and readded as a Gamepass class