Article by DragonHero221 and cleaned up by MutantPony07 (in-game name)


Ghost is a Gamepass class that is based on ranged attacks and comes with its critical when you spawn with this class.


The Ghost has a cape on its back, along with a hood, and it has gauntlets with neon squares, a gun with a scope, and two neon lines that seem to be like cartridges.


  • The Ghost is a class that can burst very quickly, but only under the right conditions. It also has a global range for its critical that can be used 3 times every 15 seconds.


Move Description Damage
Rapid Fire (Basic Attack) Fire 5 tiny bullets. 50 per Bullet
Cyber Stealth (Ability 1) Turn invisible for 5 seconds. N/A
Field Bomb (Ability 2) Toss a bomb that slows enemies within its blast radius. 150
Pulse Fire (Critical) Fire a larger bullet that goes through walls and can be used up to three times in succession. You regain one shot every five seconds. 250


  • Use [Pulse Fire] on before or after using [Rapid Shots] to deal extra damage.
  • While using [Cyber Stealth] and you want deal damage, use [Field Bomb] or [Pulse Fire] if you're close enough to your target.
  • If there are enemies from far away or behind a wall, use [Pulse Fire] because as the bullet penetrates through walls.


  • Ghost is a class that has low health and doesn't run very fast so if you get stunned it will be hard to escape.


  • Sometimes part of Ghost doesn't disappear when you're using [Cyber Stealth].
  • Cyber Stealth does NOT make you fully invisible and you still have a light blue highlight around you during the five seconds so be aware that while you may be faster people can still see you.