"Frost is popular, he has alot of statues"


Formerly known for its assassin capabilities, this class has been revamped to fit that of a more intelligence-oriented class. It is obtained by playing as Stalker on Cold Storage. It is also the only class to have weapons made out of ice.


Frost has a light blue tank top with two neon stripes, each one on a side of the player's chest. On its back, there are four ice spikes. Frost wields two glaives, and the blades are made entirely out of ice.


Frost is effective at setting up the battlefield and winning before the fight even begins. Since its first ability is to summon a statue, and its second ability is to blow it up, it is akin to the bomber, except for the fact that the bombs are statues of the player. Frost also does a lot of damage per a strike in its basic attack.


While Frost has high damage, it can be tough to land a trap-bomb combo on the enemy as the enemy often notices the statues and backs off from them. Also, Frost is quite slow compared to the amount of damage it can deal, causing a gap of unused potential.


Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
Attack Frozen Dagger The player slashes with his or her glaives, dealing damage. None 180 points 5 studs None
Ability 1 Frozen Statue The player creates a statue that mimics the exact movements that the player was doing when the statue was created. He or she then dashes forward. None N/A 30 stud dash 4 seconds
Ability 2 Shard Burst The player "detonates" all the statues he or she has created, causing a ring of ice spikes to grow around each statue as each statue falls apart. A ring of ice spikes also appears around the player. Slow (Adversaries) 150 points 10 stud radius 5 seconds
Critical Ice Age The player slashes their daggers and summons a line of ice spikes to tear down anything in front of him or her. Frozen (Adversaries) A lot Unknown; Quite long N/A


  • A good tip is to use Frozen Statue while chasing someone and bring them to it in a short amount of time, then use Shard Burst to do double the damage. Once they are slowed down, finish them off with your attack, Frozen Dagger!


  • Frost used to be a glass cannon (more like an ice cannon).
  • Frost used to use a pair of smaller daggers.
  • While Frost is referred to as "it" on this wiki, it is true because classes do not have genders you nerds.
  • Back in the Janurary of 2017, Koreabuu corrected the game badge, along with the rest of the game badges at the time.