A skill and support class, playing as Fairy can almost guarantee a win, considering the fact that you do not miss, Fairy can be at its best during Final Strike, Team Battles, and Boss Battle.


Two ribbons on the front, one large behind as a "tail". Glowing wings. Short gauntlet and skirt. Also has reflectance and a custom floating animation.


Fairy is well suited for specific gamemodes such as: Team Battles and Boss Battles as it can heal teammates and make them practically immune to damage due to Fairy's Fae Dance. Since it can lifesteal, it can carry the game if it's the only player alive, considering if the player is a good as Fairy.


Title Name Description DMG RNG COOL EFFECT
Main Fairy Dust Throw pancakes that damages enemies and heal teammates 100 50 500 ms Ally: Heal
Ability 1 Glitter Bomb Heals/unstuns teammates, or deals damage to enemies 200 50 4 Ally: Heal, Unstun
Ability 2 Divine Light Shoots a laser that steals health 300 25 5 Self: Heal 300
Critical Fae Dance Enemies nearby have their defence debuffed, allies have their defense buffed for 10 seconds 0 25 Stud --- Team: Defence Buff

Enemy: Defence Debuff


  • When using Fairy Dust, Glitter Bomb, make sure that you are predicting where they are moving and time your attacks correctly.
  • Using Divine Light reduces their health by 300 and heals you by 300, but it has low range and has a minor delay, when attacking take these into consideration when attacking.
  • Playing defensive early game but switching to offensive at Final Strike can guarantee some wins because of Fairy's lifesteal, it's critical can easily kill an enemy while being almost impossible to kill due to a defense increase buff. Although, melee classes can easily defeat a fairy.
  • When trying to kill someone, try to bait them into you, run away and make sure that they keep chasing you, your linear projectiles will sure to kill them off.
  • During Boss Battles, ask someone to be your Critical Power generator, continue healing them until you can use Fae Dance.
  • Otherwise, you can also heal the Shadow trails, but do not try and attack the main Shadow Boss as it will heal it.


  • Fairy has low moving projectiles and short range for attacks, swift classes or high movement speed enemies will be harder or impossible to kill off.
  • Melee classes can easily kill Fairies; If they are faster.
  • Killing self healing classes is impossible since it counter Fairy's Divine Light.


  • An old version of Fairy had a miniskirt, it was removed after some time. This might be the reason for the tagline, "Solancify want to have pant for this class".
  • By the community, this class is called a skill class as it is almost hard to win if your attacks miss.
Contributors: Emxly, MutantPony07 (in-game name)