"No I am not Attack on Titan."

== Overview ==
Duelist is a fast class that can strafe opponents easily. This class can dodge and block projectiles easily, and can swiftly take out squishy classes. Duelist also can take out many other melee classes without a big deal.

== Appearance ==
Duelist has the default color of Red, and appears to wear a scarf in that color. Duelist has bands on its wrists and ankles, and wears little to no armor. The blades are always red, with the handles being the color of your armor.

== Specialties ==
Duelist is most tuned for taking out slower classes, campers, and generally tanky classes. Duelist must learn when to use Ability 3 to dodge or when to strike, and when to pop the shield. Duelists must also be good at strafing and hit-and-run tactics.



Main - Duel Slash: The user swings one sword dealing 150 damage.

Ability 1 - EnGarde: The user conjures a shield infront of the player which reflects projectiles back. The reflected projectiles do about 150 - 200. 8 second cooldown.

Ability 2 - Dual Lunge: The user slashes once with no cooldown. Activate the ability again to slash again and activate the 3 second cooldown.

Critical - Final Duel: The user waits for 1 second, then lunges forward with both swords, dealing heavy damage, and increases the damage with 50% of your health lost.


  • Chase your enemies if they run, you can easily outrun them with Dual Lunge.
  • Final Duel is to be used in a 1v1 situtation, especially in final strike 1v1s.

== Weakness ==
* Duelist doesn't have the damage that other melee classes have. You have to chase and guard as much as you can, because you are very squishy.

  • Magic and melee passes through your shield, so don't waste it with the 8 second cooldown.

== Trivia ==
* Duelist was heavily inspired by the anime "Attack on Titan".

  • FrostyTheArcher just rekt you by making this before you did