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The Leviathan is a moderate tank class with it's HP at 1000 and a speed of 35.

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Strengths Edit

The leviathan is moderately tanky. It has a decent amount of health, but as a drawback, it has a low walkspeed. It is extremely good at disorienting enemies due to its second ability, which throws anyone nearby into the air. It also is quite evasive with its main attack.

Weaknesses Edit

The Leviathan is quite slow, it is open to a lot of attacks. Although it does have a ranged attack, the attack itself is too hard to land on an enemy that is far away to be called ranged. In turn, this shows that this class is lacking in range.

Moves Edit

Title Name Description Buff/Debuffs Applied Damage Range Cooldown
Ability 1 Aqua Jet The player immerses himself or herself in a bubble of water and proceeds to dash forward, dealing damage to anyone in his or her path. None 150 points 30 studs 2 seconds
Ability 2 Water Pulse The player shoots a slow-moving orb of water that moves straight ahead. It can pass through walls. The orb has a blue square trail. Slow 250 points Map 2 seconds
Ability 3 Water Erupt A blue circle (presumably a pool) appears under the player. This indicates the range of the attack. The player then slams his or her fists on the ground, and everyone in range will have a geyser of water erupt under them, sending them into the air. Slow 175 points 15 stud radius 4 seconds
Critical Ocean Warth (presumably Wrath) An ellipsoid of water appears in front of the player's face. After a 0.5 second delay, the player shoots a large, fast-moving ellipsoid of water, dealing large amounts of knockback while lesser amounts of damage compared to other Critical attacks. None PH Map N/A

Tips Edit

  • Start off with Aqua Jet to catch up to the enemy. Then, use a combination of Water Erupt and Water Pulse to to whittle down the enemy's attack. You can finish off with any attack. If the enemy is getting away, you can use your critical, which is hard to miss. Otherwise, resort to Aqua Jet and Water Pulse. Stay evasive and strike at the right time! - PinkserpentQuasar

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