The defender is one of the two elite brawler classes, and the highest defensive ability class in the game currently. With a high level of HP and a brawling kit of moves, the defender should be the go to for tank players everywhere.


The defender's armor is large and bulky, its chest plate protrudes from the upper torso and wraps around to a heavy-duty backpack. The defender's weapons are two large gauntlets with spiked knuckles at each end. The gauntlets extend past the shoulder and appear to act as full arm and shoulder padding.


This class has the most HP out of every class in Critical Strike, it also has a lot of effect causing abilities in it's kit, making it an excellent choice for someone who wants to go around pummeling their enemies to the dirt.


Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
[LMB] Defender Punch Punch and deals damage --- 12 ? 0.5s
[Q] Rocket Bash Charge up and release to dash and punch dealing knockback and stun based on charge Self

Slow -During charge


Stun 0.5s

5-10 (damage scales with charge) ? 5s (After charge)
[E] Brace Gain increased defense for a few sec, then after 1s delay while unable to attack, create an AoE around you that deals damage, deals more if you taken damage during brace Self

Defense +10

5-? (damage scales with damage taken) ? 6s
[F] Mega Impact After 0.5s delay, punch foward and create a huge shockwave that deals damage and knock back enemies, damage deals depend on range --- 9-15 (damage scales with lower range) ? 12s


Main - Heavy Punch: The user performs a heavy, yet slow hook punch, it does moderate damage, and can be used with minimal cooldown.

Ability 1 - Power Fists: The user dashes forward and punches, causing damage and a stun effect to any players or bosses hit by this ability. This ability is crucial in beginning fights as a defender.

Ability 2 - Shockwave: The user slams the ground and creates a forward moving shockwave that will cause damage and cause any enemies hit to be knocked upwards. This ability has a low cooldown and is a good utility to catch running players or hit a ranged player who is just out of range of your fists.

Critical - Giga Slam: The user holds his fists high in the air for one second before slamming the ground with full power, causing a huge AoE shockwave that deals high damage and knocks up any players caught by it. This move has one of the highest ranges out of the AoE moves in the game currently.


  • When playing this class, a good strategy is to use your environment to your advantage, unlike most classes, the defender excels in close quarters combat, so hiding in confined spaces or rooms and waiting for players to come through and ambushing them is an excellent plan.
  • It's a good idea to start your fight by hitting the enemy with your Power Fists charge ability, this will cause them to be stunned for a short time and allow you to punch them, when they get up from the stun, hit them with your ability 3 to keep them in range.
  • Avoid long hallways and open spaces, the defender is a tank, but a good ranged player will kite any defender to death in these spaces, and the defender has limited mobility being as slow as it is.
  • A alternative to engaging on the enemy is starting your Shockwave ability then cancelling the animation by using your Power Fists ability so when they get knocked up they then get hit by your Power Fists applying loads of cc and allowing you to deal around ~270-600 damage depending on how many AA's you get in the time they are on the ground. However, using this combo is really risky as it depletes all of your moves that can reach a kiting enemy, leading to you getting heavily punished.