"no highnoon for you"


Cowboy is a special class that can be obtained by entering a certain house and touching the bars as Gunner while on the map Cactus Canyon. It is known for its high-speed bullets that are very hard to dodge.


Cowboy has a white undershirt that mimics the tank tops that most classes have. Just like the other tank tops, this one has two red stripes on each side of the player's chest. On top of this undershirt, the player wears a cloak with a neon diamond presumed to be a badge. The player wields a six-shooter whose barrel, handle, and bullet compartments are the normal color while the hammer and the space in between the bullet compartments are neon.


Cowboy is extremely effective at stunning and quickly finishing off any enemy that it comes across all while staying at a distance. It is also is decent at hit-and-run situations as the player can get a few shots onto the enemy and then use Load&Roll to make an escape and finish the enemy if he or she is still following.


For most players, it is tough to land a bullet shot by Cowboy due to its fast-moving and small bullets. Also, this class has less room for mistakes than most due to its lower health. If the player messes up and gets in the enemy's range, they will most likely get hurt unless they escape somehow.


Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
Attack Revolver Cowboy shoots a single bullet. The bullet is small, fast-moving, and high-damaging. If the player does Load&Roll and then shoots a bullet, the bullet will deal 200 points of damage plus 10% of the enemy's maximum health. None 200 points Map 0.8 seconds
Ability 1 Load&Roll Cowboy rolls forward, and in the process, loads a special bullet into its gun. See Revolver for details on the special bullet. None N/A 35 stud roll 4 seconds
Ability 2 Stunning Shot Cowboy shoots out a yellow bullet that deals less damage than a normal one, but it stuns the enemy. Stun (Enemy) 125 points Map 5 seconds
Critical Last Scene Cowboy shoots a bullet that deals damage plus 30% of the enemy's maximum health. The player will also gain a crosshair in front of him or her. None Depends on the enemy's health. Map N/A



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