The Controller is a master tier semi-spellcaster. It is also unique in its STOP and MOVE commands, a trait only the Controller has.


The controller has a vertical neon stripe on the front, along with a criss-crossed "X" on the back.


This class counters any melee classes if they do not have any non melee move, since Controller can stack the cubes in one place and use Burst then Attack Command to instantly kill them off.


Ability 1 [Cube Spawn]: Spawn a STOP cube for you to command, if the cube is STOP it lasts for 20s for you to command.

Ability 2 [Attack Command]: Command all cubes to MOVE to a random target within 20 studs around the cube, the cube will be destroyed after it hits a wall or a target (can only command STOP cubes)

Ability 3 [Burst Command]: Command all cubes to STOP and create an AoE that deals damage and applies Slow effect to all enemies around (can command STOP and MOVE cubes)

Critical [Alpha Recall]: Spawn an Alpha Cube on top of you, command all cubes to fly back at it, after 3s gathering all cubes, it explodes and deals damage based on how many cubes it gathered (100 per cube) (can command either STOP or MOVE cubes)


  • Using Burst Command on a MOVE cube makes the cube STOP and burst, useful because the range on Burst Command isn't a lot.
  • Stack your cubes in the middle of the map for a long time, while waiting for final strike. When it comes, use Burst Command and then Attack Command and damage everyone.
  • The previous tip also works with stacking all cubes in the center and use Alpha Recall after there is only 4 seconds left in the main map.


  • The controller can be easily beaten with a stun or a disable shot.
  • When you're playing the Sniper, you can shoot him from far away with your fast-moving sniper bullet. That means you're out of range of their cubes, so you can't get damaged.
  • You can also use Slayer to attack the Controller and stack blood lust, meaning that you do more damage, and you can use Chaos Strike to get close before their cubes hit you, and kill them.
  • Use Recon. Go invisible, pass through the cubes, and surprise attack the controller.
  • If you camp in the middle of the map and spam cubes, you can get a insta kill if someone walks through, but make sure there running through before you detonate, otherwise you´ll delete all your cubes and leave you vulnerable.


  • This class is in testing, and has been changed many times.
  • This class is inspired from Orianna and Syndra from the well-known game League Of Legends.
Contributors: Emxly | Minor Edits: MutantPony07,L33TDragon