All classes have a stigma that is known and obeyed by most seasoned players. Here's your guide written by the creators and admins of this game - not to forget the founder of this wiki.


Class "Nickname" Description
Winddancer Wind Cancer Commonly known as Wind Cancer due to it being a spiteful class and it being commonly played by salt-ridden people.
Mage MageRage A player who mains mage and acts childish when slayed by anyone.
Priest Local Priest A player who mains priest and abuses its healing abilities. He or she is often rekt by a Grim Reaper.
Reaper Grim Reaper One who often targets ranged classes and the Local Priest(s).
Wizard Wizard Lizard Used by wannabe pros, but the result is a hot mess.
Necromancer Necrophiliac It's commonly known as the Necromancer, or better/edgier priest.
Lancer Lancer Cancer Cancer is what you call the class that you were just obliterated by.
Sorcerer Sorc It's very bad at the game, and it can't get master classes.
Hunter Hunteress The only class that girls (or gay guys) play.
Archer Archer Girls can't aim!
Gunner Gunner Pew pew pew, drive by.
Scout Scout High skill class
Sniper Sniper It's JamesBladez (and everyone else's) only class.
Thief Thief Kill Steamer
Recon Recon What's not a stereotype of recon?
Stalker Stalker It's vulture or be vultured.
Ninja Ninja Naruto and Genji's dream child
Trickster Trickster Former "WE ARE NUMBER ONE", but now it's spam.
Samurai Sam Now, let's fight to the death!
Defender Def Pussy Smasher 9000
Knight Knight M'lady, can I suck your titties <3?
Warrior Warrior Ew! Frost!
Spearman Spearman It's the original Valkyrie. It also unofficially has the longest dick in the game.
Tactician Tact It thought it was tactical and cool.
Technomancer Techno You wanted a better Necromancer? Jokes on you.
Grenadier Gren It only plays with no cooldowns to break the server.
Artillery Artillery Who needs rocketeer when you have me?
Slayer Slayer The ultimate edgelord
Paladin Paladin Just W and heal.
Monk Monkey It thought it was better then priest.
Bomber Boner Who needs to explode shit when you have my bulge?
Swordmancer Sword Cancer Good god, you fool!
Illusionist Illusionist Tumblr fags can't do shit, so they use this.
Leviathan Levi The one-off brand of a pokemon in gen 1 that no one cares about.
Gladiator Glad It's good fun, and it's good shit. I'll smash your pussy with three.
Frost Frost Warrior's worst nightmare.
Cowboy Cowboy M'lady, can you hold my bullshit? It's high noon.
Shadow Shadow Bipolar personalities: It's cancer and trash at the same time.
Easter Bunny Bunny Mika's fursona
Pumpkin Pumpking I have a rare shitty class, so I use it.
Fairy Fairy I can fly, but I still get hurt by earthquakes.
Chrono Chrono Was a really good class that went to shit - former glory.
Beast Beast Swiggity swooty, comin' for that booty! Reaper 2.0.
Rocketeer Rocketeer Help me, pl0x.
Ghost Ghost No one uses me.
Demon Demon I haven't been used since 2016.
Elementalist Ele I'm the avatar.
Duelist Duelist *Insert attack on titan reference*
Valkyrie Valk Fly like an dragon, bite like a flea
Mushroom Shroom Gas chamber and morning breath combined