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good class


A blocky armor with a 3 buttoned stopwatch in its back. A default white body armour and Neon Green armor color accent.


Timestopping enemies is tactical for combos.


Title Name Description DMG RNG COOL EFFECT
Attack Neon Clone Send out a neon clone, using bullets, to deal damage. 500)(If all bullets hit) 4 N
Ability 1 Sends out 1 of 3 poses, deals damage if enemy hit. If click ability again, will teleport to the clone. 8 stud 5 Enemy: Slow 3 sec
Ability 2 Clock Stop After 0.5s, uses a clock to stop enemies caught in its hitbox. N/A Front 5
Critical The World After 1s, slam down a huge AoE circle, stopping time for anyone caught in it. 0 20 rad wave --- Enemy: Stop 5 sec


  • When close to enemies, use Clock Spin to stop them in place, then use your clone and 2nd ability.
  • If trying to catch up to a enemy, use your 1st ability, then your 2nd ability to catch up.


  • Chrono had been reworked.... (continue)
  • This class has been reworked again... (continue)