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good class


A blocky armor with a 3 buttoned stopwatch in its back. A default white body armour and Neon Green armor color accent.


Timestopping enemies is tactical for combos.


Title Name Description DMG RNG COOL EFFECT
LMB Sword Reversal Slash and deals damage 12 0.4s
Q Temporal Strike After 0.5s, teleport forwards a set distance, deal damage in an aoe 12 8 stud 5s
E After Image Blink and create an image, activate within 2s to teleport to the image 0 Front 2-3s/4s if activated twice
F Chrono Break Stand still and after 1.5s create a large aoe that inflict Stop for 1.5s 0 20 rad wave 12s Enemy: Stop 1.5s


  • When close to enemies, use Clock Spin to stop them in place, then use your clone and 2nd ability.
  • If trying to catch up to a enemy, use your 1st ability, then your 2nd ability to catch up.


  • Chrono had been reworked.... (continue)
  • This class has been reworked again... (continue)