Name Description Classes Appearance Buff/Debuff
Frozen When affected, the player walks slowly and is unable to attack. Frost Debuff
Poison When affected, the player will lose a small amount of health per second. This lasts for a very long time, but it can be cured by a health cube. Mushroom Debuff
Burn The player takes a moderate amount of damage per second for three seconds. Pumpkin, Elementalist Debuff
Bind The player is unable to move or jump, but he or she can still attack. Priest, Monk Debuff
Trap The player is unable to move, jump, or attack. Hunter Debuff
Stop This debuff is identical to trap, but the player is encased in a block of magic rather than in trap, where there is nothing to indicate that the buff is taking effect. Mage, Chrono Debuff
Slow The player's walkspeed is reduced drastically. Necromancer, Leviathan, Gladiator, Chrono, Ghost, Elementalist Debuff
Stun The player falls to the ground and is unable to attack, move, or jump. Elementalist, Lancer, Paladin, Bomber, Wizard, Defender, Winddancer, Valkyrie, Cowboy Debuff
Cripple The player is unable to jump. Unknown Debuff
ATK- The player's attack capability is reduced. Valkyrie Debuff
ATK+ The player's attack capability is increased. Buff
DEF- The player's defense is reduced. Necromancer, Scout, Gladiator Debuff
DEF+ The player's defense is increased. Valkyrie, Paladin Buff
Warning The player is notified of an invisible entity within forty studs. All classes that have stealth capabilities can apply this buff. Buff
Blind The player is unable to see. Shadow Debuff
Disable The player is unable to attack. Tactician, Jester Debuff
Bleed Trickster Debuff