One of the gamemodes in Critical Strike involves slaying bosses, which in turn, gives you rewards equal to winning any other gamemode. To complete the stage, one must slay the boss, and if he or she does it for the first time, they will be able to play as a weaker version of the boss.


Name Appearance First Phase Second Phase
Phantom (REMOVED) Forgotten... It was based off of the Shadow class' looks. Phantom boss was a player-sized humanoid that ran around the arena at a considerable speed. It attacked while chasing down players, and it was very hard to run away from the boss. Phantom boss, after losing a certain amount of health, will enter its second stage. This is when Phantom boss will start spawning clones of itself and spend the majority of its time being a black cloud. Each clone can be taken out with 1-2 hits of any class, but they still have the same abilities as the original Phantom boss
Dummy (REMOVED) Dummy boss was a massive version of the normal dummy. Dummy boss stood in the center of the arena, and it did nothing. Surrounding it were circles that summoned hostile dummies that corresponded to the basic class types. Dummy boss had no second stage.
Striker (REMOVED) Striker was an omnipotent being. That had no appearance Since Striker was omnipotent, the only thing that could be seen was his or her voice, which was displayed as text on the screen. He or she had some powerful fire abilities, being able to summon fireballs larger than players and fire-minions. Pumpkin, which still exists, is in a way, the corresponding class to this boss. Striker had no second stage.
Shadow Shadow boss looks like a yellow ball.

It also can look like a black ball.

Shadow boss stays in the center, and it flickers between tangibility and intangibility. When it is intangible, it turns into a mass of shadows. When it is tangible, it turns into a yellow ball. From the center, it will hurl attacks at players. It also has multiple "minions", which are black, mobile circles that are presumably shadows. After losing a certain amount of health, a new soundtrack will start to play, and Shadow boss will proceed to be mobile. It will also summon more shadows and send out more waves of shadows. It will also initiate Shadow Spray.

Boss Attacks

Boss Name Move 1 Move 2 Move 3
Phantom Phantom Slash - Phantom boss slashes with its disks. Phantom Disks - Phantom boss swings its disks, throwing a five-spread of disks in front of itself. Phantom Form - Phantom boss turns into a black cloud. In this form, it is faster-moving yet it is still tangible. It is fast enough to chase down most classes.
Dummy N/A N/A N/A
Striker Unnamed - On the arena, massive fireballs are summoned. These fireballs are a near one-shot. The fireballs will all travel in the same direction Unnamed - Three fire minions will be spawned. They are simply sentient balls of fire. While they deal large amounts of damage, they can easily be taken out due to their low health. None
Shadow Dark Pulse - Shadow boss creates waves of shadows that roll across the map. It is very hard dot dodge this attack. Unnamed - As mentioned above, Shadow boss will repeatedly use this move. It turns Shadow boss into an intangible mass of shadows. Shadow Spray - Shadow boss shoots out multiple "bolts" of shadows as if it is a Gatling gun. It has a bad aim, but the potential area where bullets could land is large. Shadow boss only uses this attack in its second phase.

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