Bomber is a tactical class, decent at escaping from melees with its bombs.


The Bomber has two vertical lines going up on each side, with a bulge on its armor right below its head. It has a bulky backpack, which is meant to look like it's carrying bombs. It also has gauntlets on the outside of its arms, with neon squares.


Title Name Description DMG RNG COOL EFFECT
Main Bomb Throw Tosses a bomb that attaches on contact. A maximum of five bombs can be present at a time. 180 for 1 bomb 30 studs 0 Knockback
Ability 1 Detonate Detonates all bombs that are present. 3 sec
Ability 2 Bouncing Bomb Throws a bomb that explodes on contact or after 2.5 seconds and inflicts stun. 120 40 studs 5 sec Enemy: Stunned for 3 sec
Critical Bomb Frenzy Throw a variety of bombs. A lot if land  Can throw stun bombs


  • This class is good against all classes that go invisible, because you can still see bombs you threw on them.


  • Use your bombs to chase someone, because when you throw a bomb and then detonate when you're near it, it blasts you forward. But, you have to be skilled while doing this because you can go flying somewhere else accidentally.
  • You can also use your bombs to get to high places, by throwing them, jumping, and then detonating. This is especially useful on the Toxic Waste map.
  • If your teaming with someone, tell them to use a high HP class, like Defender. When the round starts, toss bombs onto their back. Then tell them to run to someone. When they do, detonate and they´ll most likely oneshot them.


  • Valkyrie. That one that has so much health and shield that you can't do anything. Even if you stun and then get all your bombs on him, it still doesn't do enough damage to kill. And, if you get him down low enough, he can just jump away to a soul cube.


  • Epic critical made a mistake making this class, it should have had five bombs max instead of six. (Note, this has been fixed)
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