Beast is gamepass Class it's cost 50 Robux was created by EpicCritical This Class appear on First game and now it's have been remake


Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
[LMB] Beast Salash Slash and deals damage, dash a littile and deals more damage after Feral Fury --- 12

(Feral Fury + 10 DMG)

Close range (Feral Fury + *10 Dash) ---
[Q] Bite Bash ad bite, lifesteal and reduce cooldown if target below halfhealth, deals more damage after Feral Fury Self lifesteal+10

(Feral Fury + 10 Lifesteal)


(Feral Fury + 10 DMG)

*40 Studs

(Feral Fury + 10 dash Studs)


(if target health below 50% reduce Cooldown 50%)

[E] Fearsome Roar Create an aoe that reduce attack on all nearby enemies, apply Stun instead after Feral Fury Target Damage-5

(Feral Fury


Stun+ 1sec)

-- *40 Studs 4sec
[F] Feral Fury Gain increased speed and damage for a few sec until the next attack Self Speed+5 --- --- 5sec

*range can't be confirm


  • while you try to catch enemy you can use Feral Fury[F] > Fearsome Roar[E] to Stun enemy from jumping in that case you can use Bite[Q] to lifesteal from Target
  • you can use Feral Fury[F] > Bite[Q] to gain more lifesteal


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