Beast is a gamepass class costing 100 robux (10 in Summer Sale). It has incredible speeds; leaping towards the enemy to attack it.


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Beast can traverse the map very fast and can kill escaping players using Long Leap and almost impossible to lose against any opponent if its Beast Bite never misses.


TItle Name Description DMG RNG COOL EFFECT
Main Beast Claws Slash and deals damage 180 Near 500 MS
Ability 1 Long Leap Leap very long 0 85 stud 4
Ability 2 Beast Bite Bite forward. If you use Beast Bite while in Long Leap, stop Long Leap in mid air. 200 10 5 Self: Heal 200
Critical Beast Howl Howl and gain movement speed, if there is an enemy with 50% or lower health, they will become a Prey, Prey takes more damage 180, 280(Prey 0 --- Self: Speed 70


  • When killing a target, first take all the healing pods; then leap to them this will make sure that they cannot run and heal themselves, if they do leap to them again. If you are low on health, you can either leap away to heal or use Beast Bite to attack.
  • For practicing, try to leap, then attack with Beast Bite, if you master this, you have an advantage of them having damaged.
  • Beast Bite can ensure that you can win any encounter because of its passive healing, most of the time winning can only depend on if you attack and gain health in any situation, missing, however, reduces your chance of winning by some amount, a general tip is to aim carefully making sure that the bite never misses anyone.
  • If you manage to see someone who died recently (1 second and at least 10 studs away from their bodies) you can use Beast Bite to scavenge their bodies and regain double in health.
  • If Beast is having physical debuffs, using Beast Bite counts as if it was healed by a heal pod.
  • Standing in corners hiding then ambushing the enemy with Beast Bite then leaping away, then leaping back to them; using Beast Bite is a good strategy, this can damage your opponent whilst keeping full health.
  • Think about map locations, using Long Leap on specific map locations strategically can make escaping against non-swift players impossible for them to catch on to you, doing so can help you regain health from health pods. This strategy can work reciprocally for attacking instead.
  • Beast Howl can increase your movement speed, use this to overwhelm an opponent and damage them without the possibility of them escaping.
  • Do not use Beast Bite if you are currently attacking someone, the howl will stop movement and will expose you to some damage, however, if you want to run away before someone is faster than you, generally use Long Leap after 85 studs activate your Critical, you can choose if you want to attack or run for heal pods in the map.
  • Do not use Beast Bite during the Final Strike, with insanely fast speeds it is hard to attack, you should practice attacking players with that speed.
  • During Beast Howl, do not attack if you have low health, it is generally harder to attack with Beast Bite if you are fast, as with almost all classes activating your Critical stops your movement and that amount of second might cause you to your death by your adversary
  • Try not to attack a player that can heal themselves or apply movement debuffs on you, typically debuffs such as Trap, Bind, Stop, Slow, Stun.
  • If you have a movement debuff, you can still escape by using Long Leap and Beast Bite. However you cannot use this strategy against Stun.
  • Try not to attack players who can passively heal themselves, your main advantage; Beast Bite can be useless against them.
  • Beast is effective against Bosses as Beast Bite can heal yourself and can survive for a long time.


  • The main weakness for Beast is ANY of movement debuffs, while debuffed; its main strategy becomes obsolete making is extremely easy to kill. However Long Leap can still be used for some movement debuff, but with these tips in mind it is still possible for Beast to die because of these devastating debuffs.
  • In Discord, some players are considering nerfing Beast due to some people using it awesomely that it is almost improbable for them losing.


  • Beast is similar to the old discarded Wolverine, the old Wolverine; not being human seeming like a true animal. It might also be another version of Wolverine, being human but needs a glove for the claws. They both have similar abilities: Long leap and three claws from each hand, except that Beast needs to bite a player for passive healing, and Beast has a permanent red claws/accent colour.
  • During the Summer Sale, Beast was sold for 10 Robux, a 90% decrease in cost.
  • A series of polls compiled and 13 players surveyed like Beast against the other gamepass classes, Duellist being more preferred.

Known Bugs

  • If someone kills you but then you regain health by Beast Bite, they will be awarded with a Kill; similarly, during the final strike, this can award them a win too.
  • Using Beast's critical may cause your character to freeze until the critical buff ends. This renders you open to all attacks.

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