"Only a Shimada can control the dragons"


The archer class is one of the four basic classes that the player can use to start with the game. A new player can find this to be a little bit challenging to use, since it requires good aim, proper timing of skills, and just like the majority of ranged classes: its attacks can only shoot straight ahead from where you're character is facing.


The Archer has a basic strip of armor going up the torso with a vertical neon stripe in the middle of it. This leaves the sides of the torso unarmored. The Archer is wearing shoes and bracelets on it's arms. On it's back is a quiver that has a neon diamond in the center of it with 2 neon lines on both sides of the diamond. They cross the quiver horizontally.


Archer is a basic marksman class that can used to harass enemy opponents in mid range. Archer's first ability, "Grapple Arrow" can be used to navigate through the play area of the map. This ability can be used to flee or to jump into a field of battle. What makes this class unique is its ability to deal a large amount of damage in a short period of time. Its ability "Rapid Shot" can be used to fend of from a chasing opponent, or to damage opponents in a small area.


Title Name Description Effect Damage Range Cooldown
Attack Swift Arrow Shoots out an arrow that deals 200 damage to an opponent. None Normal: 200 per arrow

Rapid Shot: 100 per arrow

∞ Studs 0.2 Seconds
Ability 1 Grapple Arrow Fires a grapple that pulls you toward the location, or pulls enemies towards you. The grapple arrow travels in a short distance on an arc-like path. None 250 per grapple 70 studs 6 Seconds
Ability 2 Rapid Shot After 0.5s, shoot out rapidly 3 arrow from it's bow. Each arrow deals 100 damage to an opponent. None None N/A 5 Seconds
Critical Pulse Arrow After 1s delay, shoot out a huge bolt that deals damage and hit multiple targets. ??? ??? ??? ???


  • Its first ability, Grapple Arrow can be used to pull enemies that are close to being defeated, or to flee from a field of battle when your health is running low.
  • If being chased by an opponent, try to fire into his direction while fleeing (but remember to always watch your back!) to deal some damage to the chaser, while trying to regain your lost health.
  • Although this class cannot progress that far in-game when used by starting players, an experienced player can find this class to be still quite fun to use.


  • Its class quote, "Only a Shimada can control the dragons" came from Hanzo - a character from Overwatch, which is, coincidentally, also uses a bow to attack opponents.